10 Things You Should Know About Cloud-Based Funeral Home Tools

Posted September 25, 2019

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“Why should our funeral home move to the cloud?”

That may be a question you’re asking, or it may be a question you’re asked! Either way, here are 10 things you want to know about cloud technology solutions:

1. The cloud brings you on-demand access to your information.

Do you feel intimidated when people talk about moving to the so-called “cloud”? The concept may seem a bit vague at times.

The cloud, or cloud computing, refers to when you have software and/or services that are run and stored through the Internet, rather than using your on-site computers, servers, or hard drives to store that information. Think of it this way: thanks to the Internet, cloud technology allows for 24/7 access from anywhere to your information, applications, and all your data.

2. You’re probably already using services that rely on the cloud—you just might not know it.

Do you use Gmail or another web-based email program? If so, you likely aren’t hosting that service on your own on-site server. Instead, most businesses or individuals rely on Google’s cloud platform to access information whenever you need it. It’s just one more example of how many people—possibly without even knowing it—are already using the cloud in their daily lives.

3. The cloud allows your team to be more mobile.

Cloud-based solutions are transformative because it allows directors to be able to work from anywhere. Even if someone doesn’t want to work on a tablet or smartphone, cloud-based tools allow them to have access to their information from a laptop or desktop computer. The result: daily work is much easier, more streamlined, and staff are often able to be more collaborative, even if they’ve left the office for the day.

4. Cloud-based solutions are more competitively priced than in-house server solutions.

No matter what a particular pricing model is for a cloud-based solution you’re considering, typically the benefit is that you “pay for what you use” and that’s as you go, no matter how large or small your business is. Funeral homes embrace this idea because pricing is transparent and there are no surprises.

5. Cloud-based solutions are a great way to keep your funeral home’s data safe and confidential.

One of the biggest misconceptions about cloud-based solutions: that they are somehow less secure because of being cloud-based.

While any application or software you access may have its own setup, in general, cloud-based tools offer you a great way to securely store confidential and private information. Cloud providers have pooled resources to retain the top experts in security—which means you get world-class expertise and world-class storage that maintains the highest level of security measures and protocols.

On the other hand, on-site severs are typically composed of technology from various eras, making some security updates much more cumbersome (or near impossible) for all involved. This can also put such systems at greater risk for various security risks.

With CRäKN, you can have peace of mind, knowing your information is safety and securely stored and transmitted through CRäKN at all times. Data and information are always encrypted, and we have strong safeguards in place to protect you and your families’ sensitive information.

6. Cloud-based tools protect you in the event of a disaster.

We all think we’ll never be victim to a fire, flood, natural disaster, or theft, but the reality is information that is stored on-site is susceptible to these issues. Even a storm can shut down an entire funeral home, but if your data is stored in the cloud, you can allow your authorized team members to safety and securely access the data they need. That way, your business never has to stop working for your families!

7. Cloud-based solutions can give your business scalability.

One of the most popular aspects of cloud computing is how it can scale with you as your needs expand. In other words, if your funeral home grows, cloud-based tools can instantly and easily grow with you. This can help your firm maintain profit margins when scaling, rather than incurring additional, unforeseen costs when growing or expanding your firm.

8. Cloud-based tools help funeral directors to be more productive.

Because you have more freedom as to where you can work (from anywhere!), and when (whenever you need to!), your firm can be much more productive. It’s not always about doing more—but it’s about doing more with less.

9. Cloud-based tools help you to be more responsive to your client families.

Have you ever received a call from a family member in the middle of the night? Or a call from a family member who needs to update a specific detail about their arrangement and you’re out of the office?

Either way, with cloud-based tools, you can access a family’s history or edit and update a certain arrangement, and you can do that on-demand. No more rushing back to the funeral home to see your physical whiteboard or being caught off guard. In summary, cloud-based tools like CRäKN can help you stay on top of every detail and get back to families quicker than ever before.

10. Cloud computing is much more reliable than traditional data storage/delivery.

One of the great things about cloud platforms is that they are much more reliable than in-house servers. They have much less downtime (virtually none) and much less interruptions or problems related to upgrades or maintenance that you commonly hear about with on-site servers.

For example, we use Amazon Web Services’ also called AWS. AWS provides world-class, reliable, scalable, and highly secure cloud computing. Many security-sensitive organizations and some of the world’s largest organizations trust AWS, too, in part because they have over 99.9% availability. No more wasting time maintaining the on-site system yourself—or paying someone else to do it for you.

Boost Your Bottom Line & Spend More Time Focused on Your Client Families

Moving to the cloud and using CRäKN makes your firm more competitive, lean, and nimble. It can help your funeral directors to collaborate more easily, and it also helps you be more responsive when it comes to your client families.

Want to learn more about CRäKN’s cloud-based efficiency tools? We’d love to show you a demonstration and answer any of the questions or concerns you may have.

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