3 Surprising Threats to Your Funeral Home’s Data

Posted September 26, 2018

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It’s surprising for many people to learn that so-called “low-tech” data management (or hard-copy file management) has many risks associated with it.

But we’re here to help you know more about those potential threats to your business. In this post, we’ll discuss 3 major threats you ought to know about to keep your funeral home’s data as safe and secure as possible.

Threat #1: How you store your hard-copy documents.

What would happen if your hardcopy files were stolen today? Or, what could happen if these files were suddenly lost and there was no way to get them back?

These two cases may seem extreme, but in today’s world, you’re taking on a large risk if you manage or maintain hard copy files with sensitive or critical information.

Other risks for hardcopy data loss include:

  • Water damage
  • Burglary or theft
  • Fires
  • Natural disasters
  • Mismanagement (files simply misplaced or lost)

Knowing just how important some of these files are to your business, be sure you are treating them that way. Generally speaking, any time you have multiple people involved in the storage of hard copies of information, the amount of risk you’re exposed to also increases.

What you can do: consider storing data safely and securely in the cloud. For those documents you must keep in hard-copy format, be sure you have strict policies about how many hard copy documents should exist, to start with. This approach can cut down on unnecessary copies of documents with private information on them being reproduced.

Second, and just as important: be sure only authorized people have access to the documents at any time, and they should only have access to documents for a specific amount of time. This can cut down on the risk of sensitive information being stolen at your funeral home. Consider security and surveillance to be sure you’re doing your best to protect these documents.

Threat #2: How you transfer data or documents.

What’s your funeral home’s normal way of transferring important forms and paperwork?

Fax machines, which many firms have as a part of their all-in-one-printers are a huge threat to data security. Many people think of faxing as safe and secure, but it’s neither safe or secure. In fact, fax machines are very vulnerable to attack.

Most faxes have a complete lack of encryption and it’s not difficult for hackers to gain access to most fax machines. Researchers say it takes less than a minute for this kind of attack to occur (1).

Think of it this way: many faxes are connected to a funeral home’s network. If that hardware is comprised, other devices on that same network can also be compromised.

Beyond faxing, another potential threat to your business’ data is a lack of encrypted HTTPS connections. (Not sure what that means? Read this blog to catch up on SSL and HTTPS.)

You want to use HTTPS by default whenever you are using the Internet. If not, here are a few of the risks you’ll be taking:

  • Your login credentials can be intercepted—allowing them the ability to login to sites and potentially do greater damage;
  • You can potentially provide access to your server and all information connected to it;
  • You may increase the chance for a phishing attack based on information uncovered.

Be sure your business’ website offers encrypted HTTPS connections to visitors. That means when they visit your site, it will be secure and much more difficult for their personal information to be stolen. Second, be sure that your employees use HTTPS when browsing the web and when sharing any information online.

Threat #3: How you dispose of hard-copy documents.

Just like it is important to know how a document will be stored and accessed, it is also important to know how—and when—a physical document will be destroyed. One major way data breaches can happen is simply by human error when it comes to getting rid of paperwork.

This can be because people cut corners when it comes to destroying documents or they simply don’t realize how dangerous it can be if they don’t properly dispose of hard-copy documents.

To reduce that risk with your physical documents, be sure all people on the team are well aware of your protocols for disposing of records.

Other steps you can take:

  • Make sure someone leads the document disposing/destroying process;
  • Keep an up-to-date inventory of all your physical documents;
  • Educate all staff on your document retention protocols;
  • Make sure staff are equipped with the right tools to shred/destroy documents appropriately.

Your Data Is Secure with CRäKN

CRäKN uses above-average industry standards for security, giving you peace of mind about all your critical information. We also support best-in-class practices to reduce risk.

For example, within CRäKN, passwords are stored hashed in our database, rather than being stored as plain text. Second, connections to and from our application are under SSL and HTTPs. We also make sure to encrypt sensitive data such as social security numbers and documents. We also log any and all access to CRäKN.

These are just a few of the important steps we take to make sure your data is secure and that unauthorized access to your data doesn’t happen.

If you haven’t already thought about it, it’s time to consider data storage in a safe and secure cloud-based environment. The key is to be able to choose a solution that offers a highly secure infrastructure that has strong safeguards to protect your data.

When you choose a secure and best-in-class solution, a digital storage system can outweigh having physical documents on-site.

Have Peace of Mind About Your Data by Using CRäKN

As the simplest way to manage your funeral home, CRäKN is a cloud-based solution, meaning you can access all your information anywhere, anytime, without having to download any software.

This allows you to stay secure, remain flexible, and easily use and collaborate with CRäKN across all your devices and throughout your entire team. As a safe and secure platform, CRäKN will transform how you work. Learn more about CRäKN today.


  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/13/fax-machines-could-be-the-next-target-for-hackers-researchers-warn.html

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