3 Ways Your Funeral Home Can Invest In Your Team

Posted March 11, 2020

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Investing in your people gives you a long-term advantage in your marketplace.

After all, your people are the ones who help build your reputation. Your people are the ones who help build lasting relationships with families. And, your people are the ones who add to—or take away—from your funeral home’s culture.

Where do you start when it comes to “investing” in people? Here are four practical ways to develop your team so they grow, develop, thrive—and stay!—with your funeral home.

1. Care for employees in the totality of their lives

Modern leaders aren’t solely focused on their employees’ performance. Instead, they are interested in the totality of their lives. This approach requires being respectful and considerate of the entire person—both professionally and personally.

This mindset takes a great deal of trust, grace and a long-term perspective, but it will pay dividends.

Very engaged and highly respected employees will be fiercely loyal to your firm. They will recognize you care for them and that you are willing to invest in them.

2. Look for mentoring or informal coaching opportunities

Coaching can be a great way to encourage conversation and feedback.

Are you looking for coaching or mentoring opportunities at work? At first, it may feel like added work effort, but persist because the short-term and long-term payoff will be improved relationships and collaboration on solving issues and challenges.

Mentoring and coaching can also help new employees learn the norms, and reinforce the expectations you’ve set for your funeral home.

3. Ask your employees what resources they need to help them grow

Creating a culture and setting expectations of investing in employees is important as the employer. However, the responsibility for growth and development is shared between you and your employees.

Your employees should be involved in the plan to help them develop. Ask them to seek, propose and complete training that will help them to develop. Shared objectives are more likely to be pursued and achieved.

All in all, remember that your top employees will crave your “investment” in them. Invest in them by creating opportunities for training to help them grow and become more productive.

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