4 Ways Tech Can Help You Grow Your Funeral Home

Posted March 6, 2019

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Technology presents a lot of opportunity today. That’s why you may be looking to carefully select and invest in technology that will help you grow your firm strategically.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that technology is helping you to better serve your families! With that in mind, let’s take a look at 4 of the top ways that technology can help you grow your funeral home right now.

1. Tools for communication

Technology can improve teamwork, and communication in particular, if it helps you share information in a clear, transparent, and timely way.

Look for a tool that allows you to capture and share information more freely, no matter where you are located. As more people work in more mobile ways, it’s especially important to be able to do work from any location today.

2. Your website

Today, your website might just be the first interaction a family has with your firm! First and foremost, if you don’t have a website, that could mean you’re losing business without even knowing it.

If you do have a website, make sure the information you provide is what families would want when visiting your website. We may assume we know what that is, but be sure your website content delivers what they are looking for.

Your website is critical in helping you tell your firm’s story and market to families, so be sure you:

  • Showcase obituaries on well-designed pages that also positively reflect your funeral home;
  • Have a responsive website, meaning the website is designed to adapt and adjust to any device or browser someone is using;
  • You highlight reviews and experiences from families;
  • You offer clear and easy-to-find ways to get in touch with your firm;
  • You have an updated and compelling “About us” (or similar) page on your website.

These are just a few ways you can get started on creating a great first impression that builds credibility and encourages families to select your firm.

3. Tools to help you stay connected

Communication around what’s happening with families is part of the picture. Another part of that picture: Technology that streamlines how the work actually gets done!

With cloud-based tools, team members can stay in sync and up-to-date no matter where they are at, and no matter when a case needs to be updated. Thanks to technology, no longer do you have to be physically present at your funeral home in order to update or modify case details.

For example, just a few things you can do within CRäKN include:

  • Create and update any case, at any time, from any device
  • Add any kind of detail (from pictures to notes) and attach it to a family’s file
  • See and sync visual calendars
  • Create and send reminders and real-time notifications to colleagues
  • See a summary of tasks that need to be done

With the right technology in place, organizing and coordinating arrangements can be streamlined, and service for families can be improved as a result.

4. Your social media

Social media is a huge part of your families’ lives today. Just think how…

  • 60% of families have been influenced by a social media post or a blog review when shopping;
  • On average, people spend at least 2 hours per day on social media;
  • 70% of millennials base their decision to buy based on recommendations made by others on social media (1, 2).

All of these factors show more evidence to support just how important social media is, and will continue to be, for your firm.

Social media allows any company, not just funeral homes, to showcase their authentic story. It also allows you to share your unique philosophy and how your approach is different from others. In addition, paid social media advertising also allows you to effectively and affordably target the specific audience you want to reach.

Content such as blogs, images, videos, audio, and more can help you educate and inform families who actually want to know more about funeral service and all their options today. At the end of the day, it’s another way for you to use technology to build relationships with your community and with families.

Rather than be intimidated by social media, see it as an opportunity that levels the playing field. As long as you are consistent and stay the course, social media gives you the opportunity to educate families, show them how you are different, and influence their decision-making.

See How CRäKN Can Help Your Funeral Home Grow

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You can also easily sort, search, and filter information so that you can find what you need, right when you need it or want to update it. Get in touch with us today to learn more about CRäKN.


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