5 Benefits of Getting Feedback From Your Families

Posted April 12, 2017

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Have you ever received negative feedback from a family? You may have served them to the best of your ability, but for whatever reason, maybe something still went wrong.

We sat down with Denise Rodriguez, the Family Contact Program Manager at Order of the Golden Rule, to talk about feedback—including the dangers of avoiding feedback from families. Here are just 5 benefits of regularly gathering feedback from your families.

1. Feedback provides you with new opportunities.

One of the most fundamental benefits of feedback is real-time knowledge about any opportunities that you may have to better serve families. Just think of the potential dangers of not taking advantage of what families are willing to tell you. “The top danger is missing an opportunity to improve your funeral home or business,” explains Rodriguez. “Often times, it is the families’ perspective that will lead you to the most fruitful changes. Feedback lets you know what families in your community value and ultimately what they want from your services,” she says.

2. Feedback builds loyalty from your families.

Even if families had several great and memorable experiences with your funeral home, if something negative happens just once, it can change their entire perspective—unless you do something about it, after receiving this knowledge via feedback. “A bad experience with your funeral home will make families think twice about their loyalty to you and will make them more open to alternative options. Listening to family feedback gives you the opportunity to make changes to any problems that arise so that the same mistake does not happen with the next family,” adds Rodriguez.

3. Feedback serves as a compass for change.

“Feedback is actually a valuable tool that can be used in a variety of ways to improve your business,” says Rodriguez. It’s easy to become comfortable with the status quo or to not even realize when change is happening all around us. Sometimes we may have a hunch or our intuition tells us something is wrong, but feedback is actual data that can give us the knowledge we’re after. “It can act as a compass for what needs to change with your funeral home or for what needs to stay the same,” she says. “Both positive and negative feedback serve a valuable purpose. Positive feedback is not only uplifting, but also lets you know what you are doing right with your funeral home, and negative feedback can bring to light an error you were not aware of in your business operations.”

4. Feedback can help with one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Positive feedback can be used as testimonials for your funeral home, something many directors may forget. “Testimonials have become a very popular from of promotion. Review sites like Yelp and Amazon are affecting how people shop for new products and services. Funeral homes can use positive feedback from families to promote themselves online and to garner the trust and attention of potential customers,” explains Rodriguez.

5. Feedback ensures you aren’t making too many business decisions based on assumptions.

In some cases, a director’s intuition tells them something, and then feedback from families can help confirm or validate that hunch about the experience they are having with your firm.

But in other scenarios, there can be large blind spots that can greatly damage the reputation of your funeral home, for example. Thanks to feedback, you can know those issues and bring them to light so you aren’t assuming everything is operating as it should, when it may or may not be.

Additionally, feedback can help you make decisions as to where to invest or what areas to pursue so that you can begin to offer what families really want. You can get ongoing data about what families are looking for, what they don’t care about, or what they would want from your funeral home in the future; in any of these cases, it helps to have data (and not just a few anecdotal stories or assumptions) that drives your decision-making and future investments.

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About Denise Rodriguez

Denise is the Family Contact Program Manager at Order of the Golden Rule. She manages the Family Contact Program and analyzes family feedback about members that she puts into reports and integrates into other helpful resources to improve or maintain member business growth. She also creates marketing materials to retain current participants and recruit new participants. Find out more at http://www.ogr.org/

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