6 Questions to Ask About Your Funeral Home’s Data

Posted April 17, 2019

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If you’re considering working with a partner that will have access to your funeral home’s data, be sure you ask them these 6 questions, at minimum. The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about the company you’re thinking about working with:

1. “Will our data be stored and transmitted securely?”

Don’t be afraid to ask this! At CRäKN, we welcome this question. We’re happy to share how our cloud security infrastructure and the best practices we follow keep your data safe and secure.

We use Amazon Web Services, also called AWS, for world-class, reliable, scalable, and highly secure hosting. In fact, many security-sensitive organizations and some of the world’s largest organizations trust AWS as well.

That, in combination with other practices we support, allow your data to be safe and secure. A few examples of those practices include:

  • We maintain an information security framework
  • Data and information are encrypted in CRäKN (and connections to and from our application are under SSL and HTTPs)
  • Passwords are stored hashed in our database, rather than being stored as plain text
  • We look for ways to train funeral professionals on best practices you can follow, too

2. “What happens to my funeral home’s data if we were to switch tools/companies in the future?”

Find out what will happen if you transition away from or switch to another company. Will they hand over your preserved data? Will they do so in a timely manner, and for free? Or will they hold your data for ransom!

3. “Who will own our funeral home’s data if we work with you?”

Similarly, get clear on who will own your funeral home’s data. You may not realize there are strings attached to working with some companies, so don’t forget to ask if you will remain owner of YOUR data.

4. “Is our data going to be stored in the cloud?”

When it’s stored safely and securely, data stored in the cloud offers many benefits. When in the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere, with internet access. Many directors embrace cloud-based tools since it allows them to work off-site, if needed.

Depending on the specific tool, it also means you can access and update that data on any of your devices, such as your phone, a tablet, or your desktop computer. Other potential benefits of your data being stored in the cloud: less or no maintenance; flexibility; easier sharing; better communication; improved data protection; less expenses; and better ways to back up your data.

5. “How will I get all my historical data in your system?”

You understand how important your past data is…and so should any company you work with!

Make sure they are able to convert the historical data to the new system, if you want to. Just imagine if you have 30 years of information which can now be searchable and usable for all the families you have served.

6. “Is my data being backed up?”

Traditional methods of storing data, such as hard copies stored in file cabinets, can leave your data at risk. First, hard copies can easily be misplaced or lost. Water damage, theft, fire, or natural disasters can also put information at risk.

If your data is going to be managed in the cloud or on-premise, learn more about how that data is being backed up, and how expensive it might be if you need to retrieve that data—or if there is no cost to you to do so.

Have Peace of Mind About Your Data with CRäKN

As the simplest way to manage your funeral home, CRäKN is a cloud-based solution, meaning you can access all your information anywhere, anytime, without having to download any software.

This allows you to stay secure, remain flexible, and easily use and collaborate with CRäKN across all your devices and throughout your entire team. As a safe and secure platform, CRäKN will transform how you work. Learn more about CRäKN today.

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