BereaveMints: A Mint Designed for Mourning Families

Posted February 15, 2017

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We’ve been talking about trends shaping the funeral industry and unique ways to offer memorable experiences to your families here on the blog. One product that caught our eye was BereaveMints, individually-wrapped candies that are being used as funeral homes across the US and beyond.

We spoke with Jeff Scudillo, Vice President of Special Markets for The Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc., the parent company of the BereaveMints® brand, about the gourmet candies—including how the idea came about. Here’s a condensed version of our conversation.

Q: BereaveMints are peppermint candies that are individually wrapped and sold to funeral homes around the country. Can you share with our readers a bit of the history behind how the idea for the candy came about?

Jeff Scudillo: That’s correct. We have a line of mints that we sell to movie theaters, restaurants (including seafood, Italian, Mexican, etc.), and also to country clubs—and that brand falls under our ‘RefreshMints®’ brand. These are popular because they add a little extra to the experience for those customers.

Then, from there, the President and CEO of the company saw how these unique mints, which have an images on them, could also work for funeral homes. We chose the tree of life and a dove, which both represent peace.

We saw the opportunity for these to be offered in funeral homes as an extra thoughtful, added touch for the experience. Part of the appeal is functional, so that friends and family can interact with confidence while they celebrate and honor loved ones and their cherished memories.

Q: The mints offer a bit of an unexpected surprise to the experience at a funeral home. Is that also part of why you launched the product?

Jeff Scudillo: Yes. Many funeral homes do offer some kind of a mint, most having some form of mints in a bowl, for example. That is so that, as mentioned, people can have fresh breath while they’re having conversations. This is looking at what they already offer, and making it more memorable and unique to the experience itself.

Our mints are very competitively priced and are exclusive to the funeral profession. Some of the other brands of mints are also very large, which can making talking difficult. Our mints are made in a smaller size so that, at a funeral home, you can still have a mint in your mouth and hold a conversation like normal.

Q: And how many flavors of mints are there?

Jeff Scudillo: Under the BereaveMints® brand, we sell a peppermint flavored mint. We also have Tuxedos® Chocolate Mints, which are hard candies and chocolate flavored. Under the RefreshMints® Brand, we also have a “Thank You” mint, which is peppermint flavored. Instead of the wrapper having a Dove or Tree of Life, it simply says “Thank You” on it for those attending the funeral.

Jeff Scudillo: Right now, BereaveMints® peppermint flavored mints, followed by “Thank You” peppermints, and then our Tuxedos® chocolate mints, but that is partially because we are only in year two of launching the product.

Q: About how many of the mints have been eaten to date?

Jeff Scudillo: During the first two years of supplying these three items to funeral homes across the US, over 20,000,000 mints have been consumed.

Q: Where can funeral professionals order the mints or simply find out more?

Jeff Scudillo: For now, we do mailings several times a year through Funeral Business Advisor. We also go to several conferences on a state and national level, including the National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association convention and expo.

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