CRäKN’s Growing Software Team: Meet Bettina Burgess

Posted July 18, 2018

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As you may have heard, the CRäKN team is growing! That’s part of why we’re excited to continue to introduce you to our growing team.

This week we interviewed Bettina Burgess, a Business Analyst on the team. Her background in the funeral profession and her strategic and analytical mindset makes her a huge asset on our team. This is especially true as we look for the best ways to continually support our clients.

Q: What’s your role with CRäKN?

My title is Business Analyst. I work with cross-functional teams to provide detailed requirements to development and QA. I also assist with the testing of new and existing functionality.

I enjoy my role as I get the freedom to be pulled into different projects and use my strengths where needed.

Q: What’s one word that best describes you?


Q: What is your favorite thing about what you do at CRäKN?

After spending almost 10 years in the funeral profession, I am truly passionate about helping funeral professionals streamline their processes. At CRäKN, our product saves time spent on administrative tasks allowing more quality time comforting and assisting families in a meaningful way.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with a product that assists funeral professionals knowing that families are being better served during their time of need.

Q: What might surprise CRäKN clients to learn about you?

It may be surprising to hear that…I am an avid fisherman. I spent many summers in Canada with my family targeting Northern Pike, Trout, Walleye, etc. I love the water and fishing combines tranquility and excitement.

Other random facts: I have a tree-climbing coondog named Reverend, I live in a house that was built in 1865, and I once traded a Michael Kors handbag for a ‘Dead’ man’s banjo.

Q: Besides your phone and computer, what is one tool or gadget you can’t work without?

Ronald Reagan stated, “Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.” And I couldn’t agree more! That’s why I can’t live without my Spotify app. I love music and Spotify allows me to organize and take my beloved playlists with me wherever I venture.

Q: Last question: What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

I’m looking forward to the release of many new and exciting features we are currently working on. Watching our product become an industry ‘game-changer’ is awesome.

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