This Funeral Director Explains How She Works Smarter with CRäKN

Posted July 14, 2021

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Just as Micah had mastered the paper system her Funeral Home was using, she found out they were switching to CRäKN.

Initially, upon hearing the news, Micah was a bit frustrated, she admits: “I didn’t want to learn something new, and technology seems like it is never helpful. It always sounds like it’s going to be so great, and it’s going to meet our needs, and it is going to take care of everything. And then it doesn’t,” she says, looking back.

From Resistant to Change—to Advocate of CRäKN

Pushing through her initial reluctance, she was pleasantly surprised with how the initial training went with the CRäKN team. From there, the transition to using CRäKN was shockingly simple.

“As we made the transition, what I thought would take weeks, really took just a couple of days,” says Micah. Plus, what she thought might require major technical skills did not; CRäKN was powerful, but incredibly easy and intuitive by design. That was something both full-time staff and part-time staff fully appreciated, says Micah.

“It was so user friendly, and so easy. [CRäKN] can take us through the entire family conference and gets all of your information, and it auto-fills all your forms and everything. You just look really efficient, and you are so much more efficient [with CRäKN],” she says.

Working Smarter with CRäKN

Over time, Micah experienced 4 major ways CRäKN’s efficiency and productivity tools have helped her to work smarter:

1. Less time on the tasks she doesn’t enjoy.

One of the top reasons Micah is an advocate of CRäKN is because it cuts many of her repetitive tasks to a third of the time it was taking prior to using CRäKN. “If you are in a busy Funeral Home, it is critical to be able to have that other time that you would normally spend filling out redundant forms over and over again and getting things scanned in,” she says.

In CRäKN, those redundant tasks can be automated so she can focus her effort and energy on her most important work. “Everything is digital. You can email everything automatically. It talks to your printers, it talks to everything. It’s just the simplest thing we’ve ever done.”

2. She can work from anywhere.

Important information is now viewable and accessible across all her devices. That means no matter where Micah is at, she can get the updated information she needs. “I love that I can wake up at 1:30 in the morning for a first call, and without getting out of my bed, I can look on my cell phone, at my whiteboard, and I can—while I’m on the phone with the family—schedule something that’s going to fit into my day with my services,” she says.

“I can [now] do everything seamlessly and notify staff and everything, anytime I want to, from any electronic device that has access to the Internet,” she explains. Not having to call clients back the next day equates to a better all-around experience for the client families, too, she says.

3. No more feeling overwhelmed with all the details.

Micah knows that when multiple people work on the same case for the same family, sometimes it becomes hard to stay organized and to ensure every detail is accounted for. After all, sometimes you might not know who has done what, and where progress has or has not been made. That means sometimes details from a family can fall through the cracks.

One of her favorite things about CRäKN is the control and peace of mind the Checklist (also called the task list) provides in this situation. “In CRäKN, you’re able to customize a Checklist (task list) in a matter of minutes for what is the best fit for your Funeral Home. And you literally can go down, and click boxes, and it tells you who’s done it, when it was done, and it has a timestamp on it with a name that checks that task off,” she says.

She says it encourages collaboration and shared accountability since it’s clear and visible what has been done and what hasn’t been done—and what needs to be done next.

4. Notes are captured more easily and key details can be found more quickly.

Micah finds it invaluable to be able to make extensive notes about any service within CRäKN. “If something were to happen, and I lost my voice or suddenly was sick and couldn’t come in, somebody could easily step in and pick up right where I left off,” she says when describing the note-taking capabilities in CRäKN.

Plus, all those notes are instantly accessible on any device. “CRäKN becomes almost priceless because it is literally everything inside of my head for somebody else to be able to read,” says Micah.

“And there aren’t missed calls,” she says. “There aren’t people who don’t get calls back. There aren’t things that fall through the cracks because you lost the sticky note. Everything has accountability. It has the wonderful feature of being able to track who started this, and who’s touched it, and who finished it out. And there’s just a wonderful record. So if there ever [was] an issue, we can go back and say, ‘No, we had this conversation. We took these notes about it and I talked to you on this day,’” she adds.

Spend More Meaningful Time With Families Thanks to CRäKN

Micah says that CRäKN has streamlined their operations, but just as important, the customizable tools have helped them to improve how they serve their families. “It’s been wonderful not only for our efficiency and knowing that we’ve dotted our i’s and crossed all our t’s, but for being able to help our families to the best of our ability. [We can] know that we have done everything that we said we would do, and that we needed to do, for every person that walks through our door.”

See How You Can Work Smarter with CRäKN

CRäKN allows you to work smarter, so you can focus your energy on serving your client families. Much more than a case management tool, CRäKN also allows funeral professionals to save time, prevent duplicate work, reduce errors, and improve their daily operations.

CRäKN features a patented, digital Whiteboard; a Single-Entry System; a synced, Digital Task List; a Notification Engine; unique mobile access; and multiple integrations with top vendors.

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