Funeral Home Management Software: Frequently Asked Questions About CRäKN

Posted July 19, 2017

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1. What is CRäKN?

CRäKN is a cloud-based software solution for the death-care industry—designed to help simplify all aspects of how you manage your funeral home. As the simplest way to manage your funeral home, CRäKN streamlines how you manage, track, and organize the entire funeral process.

We understand that a large part of your day is devoted to pulling information from several systems, paper files, and even post-it notes. Our single entry system eliminates duplicate administrative tasks. Forget about handwritten forms that need to be typed up later! Integrate with your call answering service and accounting system? No problem! Convert pre-need records to at-need arrangements? Done with the click of a button.

With CRäKN, funeral homes can automate their processes and collaborate to stay on track, allowing them to focus on the families they serve. Put simply, our goal is to help you save time, prevent re-work, collaborate more efficiently, and reduce errors.

2. Can I access CRäKN on my tablet and/or mobile device?

Yes! CRäKN will be displayed beautifully on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. As a cloud-based solution, you have access to CRäKN any time, and anywhere. You can receive notifications, via text, right from CRäKN. You’ll be in-the-know, at all times, when there are changes to a case or event information.

3. Can I call my contacts from the CRäKN application?

Yes, we designed CRäKN to make it easy and seamless to call families, vendors, and anyone you need to get ahold of! Simply click on the phone number! When on a mobile device, this will automatically engage your phone and place a call.

4. Can we integrate our call answering service with CRäKN?

Yes, you can also integrate your call answering service with CRäKN (and it doesn’t cost more, either). Not only can your service provider enter contacts as they take calls, but your event data can be shared with them. In turn, they can accurately (and quickly) answer questions that they often get from your families. This “two way” communication helps both systems stay up-to-date with the latest, most accurate information…Life just got easier for everyone.

5. What does CRäKN’s digital Whiteboard allow me and my team to do?

Use the digital whiteboard to track all your events—and all details related to serving your families! The digital whiteboard, which is accessible at ANY time from any device, allows you to see who is working what event AND what other resources you need for each event.

All in one, centralized place, you can see any pending details that still need to be finalized…so the ball never gets dropped!

6. Do I need to purchase servers and/or hire outside tech support in order to install OR use CRäKN?

We are proud to say you do NOT have to pay someone to do an installation or to maintain CRäKN. This is a critical piece for funeral directors to be aware of, as many aren’t fully aware of the potential need for ongoing technical support, the ongoing nature of maintenance fees and/or upgrade fees that they can incur with certain on-site solutions.

This means you get to focus on the families you serve, not on system maintenance! And, because CRäKN is a cloud-based solution, you have “always on” access to your information, no matter where you’re located.

7. Why is it called CRäKN?

We admit, it’s unusual. We do think it’s fitting though—and it has meaning! CRäKN was founded by Scott Mindrum, who spent 20 years in funeral service primarily as the Founder, CEO & President of MeM (Making Everlasting Memories). After successfully growing MeM and selling it, Scott took some time to invest in and work with startups in the Cincinnati area.

Not much for sitting on the sidelines, Scott decided to jump back into entrepreneurial life. The problem he wanted to solve was one he had seen so many times: making it easier for funeral professionals to manage the many touch points and activities that they needed to do each time they worked with a family.

With his Norwegian ancestry as inspiration, he looked to Nordic origins for a memorable name for the company. The concept of a Kraken—or a Nordic sea monster— resonated with Scott. Here is why: he had seen so many funeral directors who needed more “arms” to handle daily operations so that they could better serve families, and knew that the “Kraken” could help represent the solution they needed.

From there, an idea was born: a smart, efficiency sea monster that would give funeral directors more arms and more capacity to handle operations.

To capture Customer Relationships and Knowledge, the spelling was changed to CRäKN, keeping the Nordic umlaut over the “a”.

8. Does CRäKN work on Apple devices?

Yes - you can use CRäKN with any device, tablet or computer, on any operating system. And, yes, you can securely access it from any modern browser when you have access to the In ternet!

9. Do I have to install software on my computer to use CRäKN?

Again, no, CRäKN is a cloud-based solution, meaning you can access all your information anywhere, anytime, without having to download any software. This allows you to stay secure, remain flexible, and easily use and collaborate with CRäKN across all your devices and throughout your team.

10. Do we pay additional fees for seat licenses (or for additional licenses per person)?

No, you do not pay “per-seat” or based on the number of users with CRäKN. Said another way, anyone from your funeral home can use CRäKN, and you won’t be charged more!

11. Is CRäKN secure?

Yes, CRäKN is secure. Making sure that business data is secure is critical to every funeral home—and is our upmost concern, too. One of the biggest misconceptions about cloud-based solutions, such as CRäKN, is that they are somehow less secure because of being “in the cloud.”

But that couldn’t be less true! Cloud providers have the pooled resources to retain the top experts in security—which means you get world-class expertise and world-class storage that maintains the highest level of security measures and protocols.

Often, on the other hand, on-site systems are typically composed of technology from various eras, making some security updates much more cumbersome (or near impossible) for all involved. This can also put such systems at greater risk for various security risks.

Learn More About the Simplest Way to Manage Your Funeral Home

CRäKN is a tool that provides everything you need to manage all your day-to-day activities.

The result? The funeral planning process is streamlined, and so are your operations. With CRäKN, you can enter information once, use it in multiple ways, and stay on top of what’s happening in your firm. The ball is never dropped and compliance is made easy. Save substantial time and help optimize your resources: Request a demo today.

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