Get to Know the Team Behind CRäKN’s Productivity Tools: Meet Jen Cihla, Software Developer

Posted November 28, 2018

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What’s the best part of CRäKN team member Jen Cihla’s role right now?

It’s the variety of what she does each day—and how day-to-day work is often like solving a puzzle.

“I love that I’m learning how all the parts work and how to manipulate them. I enjoy being able to see what is happening visually with the program and how that affects things behind the scenes,” says Jen, a Junior Software Developer at CRäKN. “It reminds me of putting a puzzle together and trying to figure out how the pieces fit.”

This week, we interviewed Jen for our ongoing “Get to Know the CRäKN team” series. Keep reading to find out what she uses to stay organized and efficient, and to learn about her past experience working behind the scenes in a local community theater.

Q: Can you share more about your role on the CRäKN team?

My role is pretty varied, depending on the day. I’ve been working a little bit with both the front and back-end of the application as well as quality assurance. I’m a visual person and really enjoy manipulating the front-end of our application. It’s fun to play with aspects that the user interacts with.

Q: CRäKN is helping to make work more streamlined and simple for funeral directors. What are the tools you are using right now that help you simplify your life?

I have found that OneNote helps me keep track of notes. I spend a lot time testing different features, which requires me to keep detailed notes. OneNote helps keep everything organized so that I can go back and easily find information at a later point. Think of it as the modern-day notebook.

If you’re a to-do list fan, I would suggest Wunderlist. You can keep multiple lists going at the same time as well as share them with other people. It’s another app that helps me keep my life as organized as possible.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working for CRäKN?

My favorite thing about what I do is the team. We have an amazing group of people that I really enjoy working with. It’s great to be part of team that is consistently striving to help improve not only the product, but each other, too.

Q: What might surprise CRäKN clients about you?

It may be surprising to hear that I grew up working behind the scenes in the local community theater. I learned how to build sets and costumes, which led me to obtain my BA in Theater Design from Columbia College Chicago.

My primary focus was in Costume Design and Construction. I loved researching how to make sure that costumes were historically accurate as well as finding ways to modify them for the stage. It was amazing to take a design and figure out how to make it a reality.

Q: Besides your phone and computer, what’s one tool or gadget you can’t work without?

In an era where most people take photos with their phones, I still find it hard to live without my camera. I think it’s probably because I grew up looking into a view finder and there is still something about the experience that I can’t replicate with a phone.

Q: Last question: What are you most looking forward to in the coming months at CRäKN?

I’m looking forward to seeing how we continue to evolve and grow!

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