Getting to Know the CRäKN Team: Kyle Pfahler, Front-End Developer

Posted September 13, 2017

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“I think of myself way more as a ‘product guy’ than I do a developer. Even though I write code every day, my ultimate feeling of satisfaction comes from the end result of a user experiencing something that makes their life easier.” ‑ Kyle Pfahler, Front-End Developer

In our “Get to Know the CRäKN team” series, we give you an inside look at our culture and the people who make up the CRäKN team. If you haven’t already seen our previous spotlights, be sure to take a look at past posts, including our Q&A with Kristen Auguste, Scott Mindrum, and Clifford Campbell, just to name a few.

This week we sat down with Kyle Pfahler, a front-end developer at CRäKN. Keep reading to learn more about his past experience and what his role involves in shaping the user experience for clients.

Q: What’s your role with CRäKN?

I work as a Front-End Developer, so I help to create what a client sees and interacts with when using CRäKN. Most of my work is involved with adding features to the interface and finding ways to make CRäKN more user-friendly for funeral professionals. I spend most of my time writing JavaScript.

Q: CRäKN is helping to make work more streamlined and simple for funeral professionals. What are some of the tools you are using right now to help simplify your work or life?

I write code in Visual Studio Code with very few customizations. Visual Studio Code is simply a text editor. Text editors are really similar to how you might use Notepad or Word, but in this case, it is specifically for development.

I enjoy Visual Studio Code because it comes with just enough features out of the box (file lookup, seeing the difference in versions of files, autocompleting certain words, etc.) while still feeling fast. While there are a large amount of add-ons people can install, I tend to keep mine free from much customization so I can jump into any project and feel productive. 

I also use Slack (a communication tool for teams) all the time. It’s pretty necessary for work but I’ve started using it with friends, too. The real winner though is all the plugins you can download: including automatic gif senders, taking quick votes, or just getting a weather update. It’s really changing how I communicate with other people online.

Q: What might surprise people to learn about your education before joining the CRäKN team?

I originally went to college for philosophy. Eventually I worked my way into getting a graphic design job at a Cincinnati-based B2B company, but I always had a soft spot for startups (especially those trying to disrupt an industry).

I think of myself way more as a ‘‘product guy” than I do a developer. Even though I write code every day, my ultimate feeling of satisfaction comes from the end result of a user experiencing something that makes their life easier.

Q: What’s the best part of your role right now?

The best part of my role right now is being actively involved in the evolution of how CräKN looks and feels for those using it. With every new feature, I have to think about our existing design and flow and adopt a solution that works within those guidelines.

CräKN is an extremely useful tool and I want to know everything I can about how people use it in order to make it as intuitive as possible. It’s a real joy to go into work and say, “How would someone who isn’t me actually use this product?” It can be difficult when it’s not quite right, but it only means you are learning more and making a better product in the long run.

In the last six months I have learned more than in any previous position I’ve ever had, and I don’t see that feeling ending anytime soon.

Q: Last question: What are you most looking forward to in the coming months at CräKN?

While we have a lot of exciting new features planned, I am most looking forward to streamlining some of our existing features. As CRäKN continues to grow, we find solutions to problems that end up inspiring new iterations and solutions for old “problems.” CRäKN is constantly evolving and a lot of times new features inspire even more new ideas. It’s great to be at that stage where we have a really great product and can get a lot of feedback from funeral directors to make an even better solution.

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