Great Funeral Homes Actively Practice Customer Success—And Here Are 5 Ways CRäKN Does, Too

Posted August 5, 2020

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Customer Success is the approach, strategic direction, and day-to-day activities that put customers first for a business.

We want you to know what it means when you hear us talking about Customer Success, so we’re sharing 5 key things to consider when we talk about providing you with the best business solutions for your firm.

1. Customer Success is a mindset

Customer Success can be used to describe certain roles within a company, but it’s also an overall approach we have.

Here are just a few ways, over the course of their lifetime as a customer, these strategies can come to life:

Customer Success results in a long-term mindset—and long-term, trusting relationships—with our clients. Customer Success drives a proactive approach to communication, problem-solving, and to customer satisfaction. Customer Success requires us to have an empathetic approach to explore and drive solutions with customers’ best interest in mind.

2. Customer Success is a part of our culture

We’ve defined Customer Success as all the activities that come together to achieve successful outcomes for all our customers.

So while in many businesses, it may be an organizational function, it doesn’t have to be. Even people with roles across HR, sales, marketing, accounting, and finance can take on proactive activities that be thought of as “Customer Success” initiatives.

At CRäKN, we have a team dedicated to Customer Success, but every role within our company collaborates on and contributes directly to this part of our culture.

3. Customer Success depends on a partnership

Customer Success is a partnership: one that is mutually beneficial and intended to be long-term.

For CRäKN, that means we make sure to understand all our customers’ unique challenges (or pain points). These could be operational challenges, people/staffing pain points, safety and productivity pain points, just to name a few.

The key takeaway is we commit to understand your business, as a whole. Every customer is going to have specific issues or problems unique and specific to their business, and this approach recognizes that.

5. Customer Success is not the same as traditional “customer service”

Traditional “customer service” is reactive in nature. Someone’s goal was to get your specific problem solved or dealt with after someone tells you about it.

Customer Success looks at the big picture strategy. And, as described, it’s an approach that looks at the long-term relationship. It’s not just reactive, but it’s proactive in nature.

Whereas traditional customer service can feel transactional, Customer Success is about deep, long-term relationships.

All in all, Customer Success is a long-term mindset based on learning your processes and the way you work now—and how that can improve. The result: we’re able to provide you with the best business solutions for your firm.

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