Helping Funeral Directors Collaborate: Meet Danny Murphy, CRäKN Developer

Posted January 16, 2019

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Danny Murphy is a Full Stack and Mobile Developer at CRäKN. His role has several areas of focus, which is part of what keeps it so exciting. On any given day, you can find him working on ways to improve how funeral directors collaborate, communicate, and coordinate with one another.

“Recently I have been working on improving and adding new features to CRäKN for funeral managers and directors. This includes writing the user interface, or visual appearance, and also the backend components that glue together the foundation of the web app,” adds Danny.

On top of that, Danny also develops and manages CRäKN’s Apple TV Whiteboard application, making sure funeral directors can easily see all their schedules and details for every upcoming arrangement.

Keep reading to learn more about what tools Danny is using to simplify his life, and the surprising skill he’s been honing for 15 years.

Q: What’s one word that best describes you?


Q: CRäKN is helping to make work more streamlined and simple for funeral directors. What is a tool you are using right now that helps you simplify your life?

I really enjoy setting up home automations to streamline my life at home. Though it’s 80% hobby and 20% efficient, I have lights setup to turn off/on at certain times, a smart vacuum, smart outlets, and many, many other automations.

Q: What’s your best time-saving trick?

I like to manage my calendar with Google Calendar. I have all my personal and work appointments and meetings synced up so I can see when I’m free. If I had to write down all my plans and edit them if and/or when they change, it would be too time consuming for me.

Q: What is the best part of your role right now at CRäKN?

Right now, I am working with the CRäKN team to bring product inventory tracking to CRäKN so that funeral directors can manage and track inventory as it moves through our web solution with their customers.

The best part of my role is I get to work on the product from start to finish—from the backend foundation, to the front end, and right to our clients on their computers. Getting to make software that saves time and improves quality of life is the reason I love working at CRäKN.

Q: What would surprise people to learn about you?

I’ve been playing the violin for about 15 years. I also play the guitar and ukulele! Music has always been in my blood. Back in the high school days, I would make instrumental songs for flash games I would develop. Here are a few of the soundtracks and games:

Ocean Odyssey - Eat smaller fish and grow, avoid sharks and pirañas. See Soundcloud and Big Fish Games.

Bouncy Ball Blitz - Bounce bouncy balls into trash cans on Big Fish Games. (WARNING: Gets addicting!)

Q: Last question: What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

We have a huge new app project that I will be a major part of. Though I can’t talk about the details, I assure you it’ll be worth the wait 😉

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