How CRäKN Helps Funeral Directors Delegate & Automate

Posted September 4, 2019

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Funeral directors carry a burden that can be quite heavy. Much of that burden is made up of routine tasks…

But that routine work—for example duplicate data entry or managing and updating certain tasks—doesn’t need to weigh you down.

CRaKN’s efficiency tools can lighten your load, make you more productive, and save you time and effort. Thanks to our digital Whiteboard and single entry system, data can be entered just once and then can be populated across your forms. Then, information that’s added to the Whiteboard can be seen by everyone who needs access to that information…that’s in real-time, too, which means no detail is ever lost!

Take a look at this video to learn more on how CRaKN helps you manage all your tasks.

With our productivity tools, you can focus on the big and important tasks that shouldn’t be delegated or automated. The takeaway is this: good tools should make your work easier, not harder. What tools are you using?

Learn More About How CRäKN Can Help Your Funeral Home Effectively Delegate & Automate Routine Tasks

Spend time where you want to focus time: serving your client families. Request a demo today to see our powerful productivity tools in-action! This video originally appeared on FUNERAL nation TV, a cutting edge, no BS, power-packed weekly web show hosted by Ryan Thogmartin and Jeff Harbeson.

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