How Customer Success Differs from Customer Service at CRäKN

Posted December 18, 2019

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At CRäKN, we view customer success as different than what you traditionally think of when you hear “customer service.”

Our Customer Success approach is proactive and it focuses on the opportunities so your funeral home can improve how you work each day.

Customer Success, as we define it, includes learning your processes, and once we know where your firm is at today, we help to provide you with the best business solutions for your funeral home.

Our Customer Success team includes a dedicated Customer Success Specialist who collaborates with you every step of the way. Watch this video to learn more about our approach, and how we deliver real people to help you solve real problems your business may be facing.

Is Your Current Business Management Tool Helping You Improve How You Serve Families?

“CRäKN has been one of the best things [that] we’ve ever done. There aren’t things that fall through the cracks because you lost a sticky note; everything has accountability! It’s been wonderful, not only for just our efficiency…but for being able to help our families to the best of our ability, and to know that we have done everything that we said we would do—and we needed to do—for every person that’s walked through our door.” —Funeral Director Micah Dobbs

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