How to Know When Your Funeral Home Should Outsource, Delegate Or Automate

Posted January 2, 2019

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Are you holding back from outsourcing, delegating, or automating work in your business?

Even though we might outsource, delegate or automate tasks and projects routinely in our personal lives, it can be trickier when it comes to work.

Let’s take a closer look at when it is a great opportunity to outsource, delegate, and/or automate work in your funeral home.

When to Outsource

Outsourcing has become a bit of a loaded term, and has some baggage associated with it. But outsourcing highly complex or specialized work can be very beneficial to a growing company in a number of situations.

Here’s when it may be efficient and more profitable for you to outsource:

  • When it would require time, investments, or a major focus that’s outside of your core business offering to keep the work in-house.
  • When there are outsourced solutions that are specialized in that specific area. In other words, other companies (or groups) can likely do it better than you can, even if you were to make a large investment to do it in-house. On the other hand, if it’s hard to find a specialized expert in a certain area of work, you may not want to outsource, and you may want to develop the competency within your firm as a competitive advantage.
  • When you see evidence of improved productivity or cost savings. That might not be the driver of your decision to outsource, but it’s worth checking before you offload any work.

All in all, when outsourcing will allow you to immediately have access to knowledge or processes you didn’t have prior—all of which you can’t easily setup in-house—that’s a win for your business. It’s also a win when it allows you to stay focused on what you do best: serving your client families.

When to Delegate

It can be easy to delegate the tasks we think we’re terrible at, but delegation in other areas can seem challenging at first. To be as productive as possible, focus on what you should be doing, rather than what you can do.

Here is when you know it is time to delegate:

  • When your time is better served on other tasks and other projects. You should only be doing what only you can do—or at least, what you do best.
  • When you get sucked into time-consuming and time-sensitive tasks that tend to eat up your day(1). These still require good judgement and discretionary thinking to handle, but they don’t have to be handled by you.
  • When you have the ability to share a great deal of information and context to those you’re delegating to. This information and knowledge will set them up for success with the work they take on.

Before you start thinking, “But I don’t have anyone who can do that right now!” remember that you can start hiring and building out a team with delegation in mind. Just because you don’t have the talent today, doesn’t mean you can’t delegate certain types of work in the coming months.

When to Automate

Automation doesn’t have to be as tricky or sophisticated as you may think. It doesn’t mean less human contact with your families either.

If anything, automation just cuts down on the work that keeps you away from your client families.

Here’s when automation can help you be more effective and efficient:

  • When you have repetitive or tedious tasks that can be automated. Whenever these repetitive tasks can be crossed off your list more easily, that frees up your time to focus on serving client families.
  • When automation will allow you to improve how you service client families. Can automation allow you to respond quicker to families and vendors? Will automation or triggers allow you to track each and every detail more accurately for every case? If so, that’s another win because it helps you improve how well you’re serving families.
  • When automation can improve communication. In CRäKN, you can notify team members of important tasks, communicate with them, set a deadline, and then track and show progress, too. As a result, there’s greater immediate communication and real-time visibility about all the work that’s being done…all thanks to automation.

Automate Repetitive Tasks & Free Up Time for High-Value Work With CRäKN

Let CRäKN carry the burden of the routine tasks, so you can focus on the big and important tasks that shouldn’t be delegated or automated.

With CRäKN’s single entry system, you can enter a loved one’s information one time. From there, it will populate across the entire system: the whiteboard, the case file, the contract, the financials, family authorizations, government forms, the obit, stationery providers, answering services, calendars and to any other person, place or vendor that needs access to this information. One and done!

Find out more about how CRäKN can help you focus on what you do best: request a demo today.



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