How to Promote Your Next Funeral Home Event Online

Posted December 26, 2018

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It’s not uncommon this time of year to host an event or special service at your funeral home.

Take for example a remembrance service, which can be one way to honor and remember those who have passed away in the last year.

No matter the type of event, hosting events can also be a way to reach new families in your community.

Just because you’re ready to put on a great event for families doesn’t mean you know all the most effective ways to promote those events online. To help you reach new families in your community, we’ve compiled 7 key tips you can use to market your next event.

1. Create a Facebook event

One of the best ways you can market an event online is by creating a public Facebook event for it. Here are 6 tips to help you set up your Facebook event:

  1. Be sure to use a short, yet still informative title for your event. You also want people to be able to find it if they are searching for it.

  2. Take the time to select the right event category for your event.

  3. Use compelling photos or videos so families want to come! They may only see the event’s cover photo for a split second, so make sure any imagery, branding, or photography you use is high quality and has been scaled so it fits the dimensions.

  4. Take your time when writing the description so that it answers top questions people may have. Depending on your event, you can include information related to pricing or parking, for example. This can cut down on the number of inquiries you’ll receive leading up to the event.

  5. Don’t just create a Facebook event and never check in on the event listing. Ideally, you will be ready to answer questions in a timely manner on your event page.

  6. Avoid over-posting to the event listing, but you can share critical information with those who have RSVP’d when you need to.

When people indicate they are attending (or are interested in attending) your event on Facebook, often times people in their network on Facebook see that they are attending your event. It’s another simple way to increase visibility on Facebook.

2. Boost your Facebook event

For those that are more sophisticated with Facebook events, consider promoting (often called “boosting”) the event with Facebook ads. Facebook ads allow you to define and then target the audience you want to know about your event.

You can target your ads based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors and you can even create and then target audiences similar to those who are already engaged with your funeral home. In other words, using Facebook’s advertising platform, you can promote your event to those who would be most interested in attending, no matter if your budget is small or large.

3. Add the event to your email signature

If you send many emails to families, add your upcoming event to your email signature. It’s just one more way they can hear about it.

4. Create a contest or giveaway

A great way to build visibility and reach is to have a contest, competition, or giveaway before your event. Just be sure to tie the giveaway to your event in some way.

You can also use social media contests or competitions to give people a “preview” of the kind of content they’ll see at your event.

A few other examples of contests or competitions include:

  • A contest on Instagram or Facebook where people tag friends who may also be interested in attending the event. The randomly selected winner and their friend—that is, the person who has been tagged in the post—can win free admission to the event and an Amazon gift card (or another prize).

  • A voting contest where people get to decide on different options for food or something else at the event. You can even incentivize people to share the contest in social media in return for additional entries in the contest.

  • A video contest where the most compelling video submission wins a prize. Shape the contest based on something tied to the theme of your event.

Your prize can vary: it might be money, free tickets to your event, an actual prize, gift card, or it could be something connected to your event. Get creative so that the “prize” appeals to a wide variety of client families.

5. Make sure you have an event website

Whatever platform you choose, be sure you have a website posting of some kind you can send to people so that they can learn more and know the details about the event. A great example is Eventbrite, which fully manages your RSVPs, sales, and other information-collecting for the event.

Even if you don’t charge people, you want to have a place you can send people so they can learn more. It’s just one more way you can collect their emails so you can communicate with them, if desired, after the event.

Many platforms, including Eventbrite, also allow you to send an email reminder to attendees 24-hours prior to the start of your event. If families have signed up to attend, you don’t want them to forget!

6. Use a hashtag before and during your event

Consider using a hashtag before and during your event.

Imagine you’re hosting dinner and a holiday movie. You can create a special hashtag for the event beforehand which you can use throughout social media as you promote the event.

Using a guest speaker? Make sure they know about the hashtag so they can cross-promote the event, too. That way you are promoting your event to their followers and supporters, who likely would also be a fit to attend the event.

The day of your event, remind attendees about the hashtag. Many will use it when they share photos and videos in social media.

Don’t forget how the people who come to your event are a huge asset in getting others to attend your next event. If people who attend your event post about it in social media, people in their network will likely see their posts. Some may be interested enough to come to your next event, so you want to be able to take full advantage of that kind of social media influence.

7. Add your event to local event calendars

Many cities have aggregate calendars that showcase ongoing local events. These community calendars may be available through a local Chamber of Commerce or even your local newspaper; be sure to submit your event to these calendars so you can maximize visibility. It may even be picked up and published in the print edition of your local paper.

With tips like these, you can be sure you get enough people to your event so that you get an ROI on your investment. Give them a try and see what works best for your firm.

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