How Your Funeral Home Can Pivot & Pioneer Right Now

Posted July 1, 2020

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It’s one thing to respond and adapt, and it’s another thing to pioneer and innovate. Right now.

So how can your funeral home be as agile as possible? What does that look like, starting today?

Take a look at these 5 strategies that can help you innovate and stretch, so your team can perform even higher in the coming months.

1. Improve your ability to collaborate

The difference-maker for your funeral home in the coming months can be its ability to collaborate. Collaboration should make serving families easier, and it should be enjoyable to collaborate.

Technology is often what supports a culture of collaboration. When looking for a tool to help your team collaborate, be sure to consider the tool’s ability to unify your team.

Does the tool help everyone—not just limited staff members? Do they get timely, up-to-date information to better serve your client families? In other words, you want to be sure the technology you choose allows for inclusion, whether it’s a partner, vendor, or key staff member. After all, collaboration is best when everyone is equipped, and the tools become part of a cohesive team effort.

Similarly, does the collaboration tool improve how you communicate and interact with families? Does it make sure no detail is ever lost between team members? Does it help you prioritize what tasks need to be done, and who is accountable for each task? A tool like CRäKN does all this and more, allowing for unlimited users, so everyone is equipped to do their best work.

2. Show you trust your people

For innovation to happen, you need your people to do their best thinking. They need to know their ideas, strategies and recommendations are valued and can be shared.

One example of how you can start empowering team members is in the simple but powerful phrase: “You decide.”

Imagine a staff member comes to you to ask a question on how to deal with a situation or problem. You know they have the ability to make the decision and solve it themselves, so by saying, “you decide”, you’re really saying, I have confidence in you, and you’re empowered to make the best decision.

When you use a phrase like this—as simple as these key words may sound—you’re immediately showing you trust your people, and you indicate your belief in their ability to make the call. It gives them “ownership” of the issue, and they become more engaged in the outcome. When they become engaged, they will look for new opportunities to improve the business.

3. Recognize and reward your staff

Genuine, positive feedback and recognition are extremely gratifying for team members. Given stress levels right now, your words of recognition can be even more powerful.

If it’s authentic and positive, feedback is the “easiest” and fastest way to foster a healthy work environment and company culture. It can energize and motivate team members to continually improve. It sets a stage for innovation and opportunity. No one works harder or achieves more goals than an employee who feels valued and appreciated.

4. Invest in your team

A culture is ripe for innovation when employees feel management is taking steps to improve the workplace and their performance. Investment demonstrates a commitment to people and that high performance is important. You can use technology to communicate. You can also use technology to manage your business: for example, digital whiteboards to make sure everyone is in sync and has immediate access and can update at home, in the office, or on the road.

You can also access your pre-arrangements and historic cases without going to the file cabinet thanks to CRäKN. You also shouldn’t have to go to the office or elsewhere to fax, since CRäKN has the ability to e-sign contracts. CRäKN also allows you to collect and enter vitals for EDRS input, and there’s no need to interact with the public to complete state-mandated tasks. Your workers will remember how you treated them right now, so continue to take all the steps you can to keep them and your client families safe.

5. Stay courageous as you pioneer

It takes courage to go in a new direction and to innovate, especially when the future feels so uncertain. Continue to find ways to take on new technology, and adjust how you serve families.

It takes courage to embark on new ideas and discipline to not stray. Focus on the performance of your team when serving families and good things will follow.

Your Funeral Home Can Improve Collaboration with CRäKN

Is your whiteboard helping you to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate right now? With CRäKN’s digital whiteboard, your entire team can work from anywhere. You can access case information that’s fully up-to-date, no matter where you’re located, and no matter what device you’re using. You can easily sort, search, and filter information so that you can find what you need, right when you need it, or when you want to update it. CRaKN saves you time and money, and it makes collaboration easy and enjoyable—as it should be.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about CRäKN’s collaboration tools.

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