Improve How You Connect with the Modern Consumer: A Q&A With the ‘Deathcare Dynamo’ (Part 2)

Posted August 24, 2016

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Cole Imperi is an award-winning designer, business owner and Thanatologist that is looking to improve how people deal with and approach death. Her techniques and applications are used by professionals across the US. In part two of our sit-down with Imperi, we talk more about the changing views and expectations from families, and how that can impact purchasing decisions.

Read on to see how Funeral Directors can go beyond meeting the mere expectations of families in order to market and provide authentic and distinct value to families.

Q: What are a few ways Funeral Directors can make sure they are connecting with the Modern Consumer?

Cole Imperi: Just a few, simple things that easy to get done:

  1. Visit your funeral home’s website on a mobile phone. Can you get to your funeral home’s phone number and mailing address from that first screen?

  2. If you are on a cell phone and tap your funeral home’s address: does it let you copy and paste it to plop it into your GPS? It should.

  3. If you are on a mobile device and tap your funeral home’s phone number: does your phone call it? It should.

Finally, think about the families that walk through your door. Think about your surrounding community. How are you meeting them where they are? Or do you just expect them to come to you? To magically find you?

Funeral Directors absolutely, without a doubt, need to go to their communities. Get into them. Show up at events. I have yet to meet an engaged funeral director with an unsuccessful funeral home.

Q: Can you share some other key tips for funeral professionals who are ready to be more engaging?

Cole Imperi: Here are 3:

  1. Many families will have someone in the mix that will phone shop around, and by this I mean use their cell phone to pull up information about your funeral home and the surrounding funeral homes. Google yourself (from a phone) and see what comes up.

  2. Personalization is the norm in other professions and industries. Therefore, many families are surprised to encounter situations with funeral homes where room for personalization is not there, or comes at a significant cost. How is personalization included in your arrangements? How can you weave personalization options in?

    Also, keep in mind that one of the most effective ‘upgrades’ can be personalizing something at no charge. It adds meaningful value. In today’s world, everyone is unique and special (No eye rolling, please!) Does your funeral home recognize that?

  3. In the past, words like Caring, Dignity, Trust, Family-Owned, Professional, Respected might have worked well. Today, they don’t really carry a lot of weight. Every funeral home should be caring. Every funeral home should be professional. This is the expectation families have. So, don’t waste your time or money highlighting the things that the Modern Consumer already expects. Do you have the largest chapel in your city? That’s something worth highlighting! What makes your funeral home unique in the area? Highlight the things that truly add value, not the expectations you are already meeting. If you don’t know how to add value, ask your past families and guests.

Meet the Modern Consumer Where They Are

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About Cole Imperi

Cole Imperi is an award-winning designer and thanatologist. She is the Owner and Creative Director of Doth. Cole is a Certified Integrative Thanatologist and a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. She holds a post-graduate Certificate in Typeface Design from the Type@Cooper Condensed Program. She is a Certified Crematory Operator. Cole was appointed by the City of Covington, Kentucky to the Board of Overseers of Historic Linden Grove Cemetery and Arboretum. She is teaching faculty for the ICCFA Cremation Arranger Certification program, and a public speaker covering topics ranging from generational marketing, end-of-life issues, design and grief/loss. Cole is Associate Producer of MORTAL, a feature-length documentary film. Find more at

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