Is Your Funeral Home Adapting? Here Are Tips to Help You Work Remotely

Posted April 29, 2020

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Anxious, overwhelmed, afraid…on any given day, you and your team may be feeling a range of emotions right now. Given the challenges many firms are experiencing—emotional challenges and operational challenges—here are 6 ways you can continue to serve families to the best of your ability and keep your staff as engaged as possible:

1. Use technology to communicate and make assignments

Technology helps us be as efficient and productive as possible when communicating with our teams. This means we could re-think how we assign work in today’s virtual environment. For example, instead of meeting your team onsite or by conference call, your entire team–full-time and part time—can now log in to CRäKN and discuss the specific details for every family. Virtual board meetings are fast, easy and help everyone stay aligned. They also minimize the phone tag games you play throughout the day.

2. Take advantage of continuing education opportunities

Now is the time to catch up and get ahead with your CEUs. Create a plan for your team to complete their professional requirements, without travel, from the safety of their own homes. You may want to consider CRäKN: we offer group CEU training and are endorsed by the Academy of Professional Service Practice, which allows us to also offer CEU training to CFSPs too.

3. Ensure your best communicators handle the phones

With every call being critical right now, make sure your best communicators are the ones handling the incoming calls and speaking with families. Strong verbal communication is essential when you cannot meet with families in person.

4. Explore funeral webcasting

If you are not already doing it, be sure you explore an option to livestream or webcast funeral services. Demand has always been relatively low, but now more than ever, funeral webcasting may be important to your families. Be ready to educate families on the value of a webcast funeral.

5. Address the fear and concerns of your staff

Speak with your team about the very real anxiety they may be feeling right now. Be an empathetic leader and do not be afraid to show your vulnerability. Left unaddressed, their fears will become toxic to your work and culture. It will detract from your team’s focus and undermine their teamwork. Encourage open discussions, as often as needed, to keep the fear out of the workplace and from consuming your team’s energy.

6. Keep a team mentality

How you approach communication, collaboration, and coordination is still essential. Just because we work remotely, does not mean we are no longer part of a team. With a tool like CRäKN, you can pull your team together no matter where they are: keep them informed, 24/7, with a digital whiteboard that permits easy scheduling of events and tasks. CRäKN helps you stay on top of every detail.

CRäKN’s COVID 19 Offer to Help You Continue to Serve Your Families

In response to our national emergency, CRäKN is providing it case management tool at no cost to help funeral professionals stay safe while serving client families.

Take advantage of CRäKN’s cloud-based tools and services, including a digital whiteboard, e-signatures, dashboards, single entry data and state and local forms — as well as many other features. CRäKN is offering a one-time deeply discounted onboarding fee of just $295, to get you started with the easiest, most efficient case management tool in the profession. Do not miss out on this opportunity. Visit or call 844-382-7256 to learn more.

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