Less Wasted Effort: 5 Ways to Make Your Funeral Home More Efficient

Posted December 11, 2019

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This is the time of year where many of us can see how the current fiscal year is turning out; and, with that, we start to plan and look ahead for the next year.

As you look at your funeral home’s performance over the last year and plan for the future, here are 5 ways you can help your business run more smoothly in the new year.

1. Cut down on the redundant work.

As any business grows and evolves, it makes sense to re-examine how the work gets done so you can find areas that can be adjusted for greater efficiency.

Just one example of this: Anytime you’re entering the same information more than once into your system, that’s an example of an inefficient process. Other processes may not be as efficient or as effective as they could be if they cause re-work or if they overlap in ways they shouldn’t. Don’t be afraid to try powerful new tools that can help you do more with less. The real objective is to have staff spending time where it matters most.

2. Stop the band-aid solutions.

Ever feel like you are using a “duct tape” or “band aid” approach to fix processes or the way work is getting done?

For example, how much time is your team devoting to pulling information from different systems? Is that really the best way to serve families, or could it be improved?

Here’s another example: How difficult is it to update your whiteboard right now, and is there really an easier way? Is there anything that is a burden on your team or any areas where avoidable errors occur?

Be open to solutions that can help you improve your processes and improve the way work gets done. By looking at the details in your process with families, you may uncover areas that can be streamlined, opportunities for greater personalization, or areas that need more resources to better support your families. Seeing the bigger picture and having a more systems-oriented outlook not only improves staff efficiency and effectiveness, but that can improve the experience a family will have with your firm.

3. Set up your funeral home to be more collaborative.

Collaboration is a key way to streamline how work gets done. Give your staff the tools (and the leadership support) to allow clear, consistent, and timely communication and collaboration to happen in real-time.

After all, time is precious in any funeral home, and the way you collaborate and communicate has to help protect that time, not waste it.

So how does this look in practice? Make sure your staff has the ability to update any case at any time. Said another way, they should have the tools to help them update a family’s information no matter where they are located, or no matter when a phone call comes in. When you equip staff with the right tools and authority to allow for greater collaboration, your culture will benefit.

4. Get clearer on expectations—and ask for what you need.

Sometimes as leaders one of the biggest problems we have in our funeral homes can be a lack of accountability; we set up goals or objectives together, but then we don’t necessarily see that they are carried out or fully executed.

Feel like you want to increase accountability in the coming months and into the new year?

Don’t be afraid to start to ask people for what you’d like to see from them. Some of the ways this can be phrased to help encourage constructive accountability:

  • “What’s holding you back from….?”
  • “What can I do to help you fully own this project?”
  • “What’s missing so that you can be successful in…?”
  • “How would you solve this problem? What are the resources I can provide to help you?”

5. Don’t forget about your part-time staff, vendors, and your partners.

Naturally, we tend to think of and focus on ways that our full-time employees can become more efficient and effective in their day to day work. But don’t forget to include your vendors and part-time staff in that equation; after all, they also help shape your operations and the experience families have with you. If you leave them out of your streamlined processes, it can hold back productivity for everyone.

To do this, be sure your vendors, part-time staff, and other key partners have access to the tools you use to support your operations and collaboration. With CRäKN, for example, all of these stakeholders have access to the tool so they can be aligned with full-time staff on the status of every arrangement. No detail is ever lost, and everyone can be updated in real-time with any change that’s made. That’s a win-win for everyone.

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