Paying Tribute To All Who Have Served

Posted November 6, 2019

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In 1919, President Wilson commemorated the first Armistice Day with these powerful words:

“To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…”

(It was later, in 1954, when President Eisenhower officially changed the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day.)

What meaningful words those were from President Wilson: with great pride, we celebrate and honor Veterans with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for all they have sacrificed.

In return for their sacrifice, as President Wilson alludes to, we have peace, justice, and our quality of life. Veterans Day brings a special opportunity for families to come together and honor those who have served in our armed forces. Funeral directors have a special place on this day, too, because you are privileged to plan funerals that honor our veterans and their families. Here’s to continuing the work you do to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of our heroes—that is, our country’s veterans—throughout the year, but in particular, on this holiday.

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