Getting Feedback from Families? The 3 Questions Every Funeral Director Must Ask First

Posted February 16, 2016

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One of the most important aspects to managing relationships with families is pro-actively getting feedback from them through surveys. When you get feedback directly from families about their experience and understand their “points of delight” and/or concerns, you can make decisions based on a customer-centric approach. Once you know how and where to add value to your services, you are also better able to differentiate your firm. It all starts with listening, and using the feedback collected, to ensure a consistent customer-centric lens for all that you do.

Three questions to ask to ensure you’re approaching getting feedback in a productive way include:

  1. Are you consistent in getting feedback? It’s challenging. Funeral Directors are very busy people. Once the arrangement conference is over, the real work begins and then when the service is over, you’re on to the next one. Consistency in getting feedback is key, as one or two surveys is not enough to know what the experience truly is. One or two survey responses don’t indicate a pattern; someone could have just been having a bad day when filling out their survey. Getting feedback from all of your families should be your goal so you can have enough data to make informed decisions.

  2. Are you able to send feedback surveys in a timely manner? Sending surveys in a timely manner will almost always provide more relevant feedback. People don’t remember details as time passes and it’s great to hear about the “little things” that really made the difference for them. The “little things” are sometimes not remembered later. If customer experience is a top priority, you’ll want to demonstrate that to the family by following up in a timely manner. You also want to have the ability to be notified immediately if there was any problem or issue with a recent customer experience, so you can address it quickly. Families will certainly remember your response – how quickly you acted and how you addressed the situation. Sometimes your response to a negative experience is their most meaningful memory of the entire experience.

  3. Are you equipped to implement change? “It’s amazing how many business owners can look at data and do NOT see the obvious” is a quote I recently heard. It’s so true. You have to look at the information objectively and not use excuses such as “that person didn’t understand what we were doing.” The perception of those you serve is your reality. If you are seeing patterns, be willing to make adjustments to your approach accordingly. It’s easy to say that “the customer comes first,” but saying it alone doesn’t make it so. Change is never easy, but successful firms are those willing to do what’s necessary to continually put customers first.

Feedback at Your Fingertips: Know What Families Think More Quickly

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