See How CRäKN's Efficiency Tools Help Your Team Communicate

Posted July 3, 2019

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We all know that good communication makes for good teamwork.

CRäKN helps you improve your communication, ensuring that team members know all the up-to-date details for every arrangement.

Something changes with a family? Now you can easily notify team members every step of the way!

Within CRäKN, you can see tasks that aren’t done and also hold yourself, and others, accountable at all times. When team members are always in sync, no detail is ever miscommunicated, and no ball is ever dropped.

Learn more about how CRäKN helps you improve your daily communication by watching this video.

Want to Learn More About CRäKN’s Funeral Home Efficiency Tools?

With CRäKN, all details are made accessible and visible to team members—available 24/7, and from any device. That means not only does CRäKN save you major time, but it makes collaboration much simpler.

Request a demo today to see our powerful productivity tools in action.

This video originally appeared on FUNERAL nation TV, a cutting edge, no BS, power-packed weekly web show hosted by Ryan Thogmartin and Jeff Harbeson.

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