The Cloud vs. On-Site Solutions: The Ultimate Guide for Every Funeral Director

Posted November 8, 2017

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Do you really understand what people say when they talk about “the cloud”?

The cloud is a metaphor commonly used to refer to how storage, servers, software, applications and other computing resources no longer need to be held on-site, or in a physical location. Although somewhat of a buzzword, people commonly use the phrase when talking about internet connected off-site storage.

Thanks to the Internet, cloud technology allows for 24/7 access from anywhere to networks, resources, and data. Put simply, when talking about the cloud, it’s when people are accessing information or software that is not on their device by using the Internet.

There are also on-site solutions. On-site solutions, rather than in the cloud solutions, are just what they sound like: solutions that are installed on a user’s device or computer—right on-premise, or in their physical location.

The Advantages of the Cloud in Our Everyday Lives

More and more, people are getting accustomed to having the ability to access the cloud and the information held in the cloud, from any location. One of the simplest examples that many people use each day is web-based email, such as Gmail.

Without the cloud, those messages could only be managed and sent through an email client (Gmail/ Outlook) tied to your personal computer. Instead–for the great majority of people–emails are managed, stored and sent through the cloud.

When needed, web-based email can be accessed from any device (such as your phone, iPad, and/or computer) or from any location (at home, work, the coffee shop, etc.), as long as there is access to the Internet. An increasing number of products used by consumers are moving to the cloud and for good reason. Let’s take a closer look at what you should know.

The Power of the Cloud for Your Funeral Home

Cloud-based solutions are becoming more popular as it makes enterprise-quality technology affordable for small businesses. The savings are not only in the technology product itself, but in implementation, learning, training and ongoing maintenance and support.

Clifford Campbell, CTO at CRäKN explains when and how a cloud solution is useful for funeral professionals, and for other businesses alike: “Utilizing the cloud allows a business to focus on providing solutions instead spending money on staffing and managing servers,” he says. “So for us, instead of spending resources on infrastructure, we can scale our services to meet demand and deploy new features as fast as we can develop them.”

Cloud Vs. Non-Cloud: What’s Right for Your Funeral Home?

With more and more businesses moving towards the cloud, it begs the question: what should funeral professionals consider when deciding whether to use cloud applications and/or cloud storage of data?

The Arguments In Favor of Cloud-Based Solutions

Pro #1: Better Operational Fit

In today’s on-the-go world, many workers can use cloud-based solutions with their devices, such as tablets, to work from anywhere. The result: daily work is much easier, more streamlined, and staff are often able to be more collaborative.

For example, with CRäKN, if you need to get an idea of all services occurring across your locations, you can easily access the digital whiteboard and review all this information on the go. With the cloud, you no longer need to rely on being in a physical location to review all the activity within your funeral home. (Not only do you have better collaboration and communication at your business as a result, you have more time to spend withy your families. After all, you aren’t spending so much time managing manual workflows!)

Second, with cloud solutions, you no longer have to take time to back-up your data, which can be extremely time consuming with on-site solutions. In most cases, back-ups are done automatically with cloud solutions.

You also don’t have to spend time or resources to maintain the software or manage upgrades since the vendor is responsible for those updates.

Cloud-Based Tools For Your Funeral Home: What to Know

The right cloud solutions offer less time for setup, less monitoring and upkeep for your business, and scalability so that you can grow your business without paying more for that growth.

To see the pros and cons of cloud-based solutions, download our new white paper here.

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