The Rise of Live Video Streaming: How It Will Change Funeral Service

Posted October 19, 2016

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Many households have at least one streaming service today, services that include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon instant video, HBO GO, Fox Now, Watch ABC and
others. In fact, as of early 2015, 41 percent of all homes had a subscription-based video on-demand service, according to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report (1). And, in December 2015, it was reported that streaming video accounted for as much as 70 percent of all broadband usage (2).

Streaming services aren’t just limited to TV or movies. Video streaming apps, including Meerkat, Periscope and Facebook Live, were much talked about in the last year, as they brought new eyeballs to live news and content coverage. These on-demand sources of content are being adopted by an increasing number of people—and live streaming services are also now being considered mainstream.

Revolutionizing How We Access & Consume Content

At their core, streaming services offer consumers the ability to see content instantaneously from wherever and whenever they want. The process to do so is easier than it has ever been, and there is more content available to access, both in the professional and personal realm of consumers’ lives.

Streaming offers access to information more conveniently than ever, and in a more portable-than-ever format. All of these factors and benefits suggest that streaming content will only increase in popularity and in accessibility. In the past, the question was, “How will streaming services change how we share, especially in social media?” But the question for the funeral profession is, “How will streaming services change the funeral industry?” Many church services are already available via streaming after all. Other events including weddings and graduations are also increasingly being live-streamed.

Saying Goodbye to Our Loved Ones Online

Just like TV, and prior to that with radio, the streaming effect will change how we broadcast and celebrate our loved ones. Video tributes are already popular because they allow us to create and share an engaging story that celebrates a loved one’s life. In many cases, videos quickly replaced tributes that were done primarily with photo slideshows. The quality of video production has vastly improved and the process is relatively simple for families to be able to create a memorial video.

Streaming a funeral service will allow loved ones who are out of town or who are not able to travel the ability to join in on the celebration of someone’s life. In the majority of cases, funeral webcasting happens live. Services also offer the ability to archive the video for on-demand viewing at any time. Expect that video creation, and the ways in which we can publish or share that streaming video of our events, will continue to evolve.

To Stream or Not to Stream

Consumers’ desire for dynamic and streaming videos is only increasing by the day. Whether the ability to stream funeral services will bring drastic change or not to the industry has not yet been determined; but what we do know is that streaming video content is the latest innovation in-demand by a growing segment of families.

Offering the ability for families to stream a service could be the differentiating factor for your firm. With telecommunications providers touting “infinite capacity” to support streaming of events, music, videos and other content, our ability to take advantage of connectivity via personalized, on-demand streaming services will one day be an expectation, rather than an option.

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