The Simple Steps to Revamp Your Funeral Home: Part Two

Posted August 2, 2017

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In part one of our sit down with Ron Rosenberg, an award-winning speaker, author, and coach who helps companies develop and improve their marketing and customer service processes, we spoke about how funeral professionals are really in the business of both marketing and customer service.

In this post, we continue to look at ways you can revamp how you run your funeral home so that you can better serve families and create more memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences for them. (See the first three steps here.)

4. Start leading with a system’s view

To really revamp how you do business, you have to take a look at how you operate, says Rosenberg. You can improve effectiveness by reducing your costs and increasing productivity (as individuals and as a team) when you optimize your systems and processes. It’s also essential for sustained profitability—no matter the business you are in.

“Operating your business on a Whiteboard or by using a notebook can be very error-prone. You can easily introduce errors when you operate you business this way, and this can negatively impact the experience for your families, and you simply can’t do that,” says Rosenberg.

It may be a tool that makes the work more “visible” and the process clearer for your entire firm. Or, it could be technology that helps you to communicate with families and your community. It might even mean putting tech in place to help you manage the details of every case; regardless, take a look at your process and see where you can improve it.

“And, in much the same way that you would not want to run your funeral home operations without having a system, your marketing should follow the same path,” says Rosenberg. “To be really effective, and to do it profitably, you absolutely need these tools and processes and you need all of them in place.”

5. Build great relationships with your families

Don’t just focus on processes, also be sure to tie those processes into what will help you build the strongest relationships with your families. For example, if you can keep track of the details about someone who was interested in learning about pre-need, you’re better suited to send them information to help educate and inform them.

“Then you can answer all of their questions for them as part of a sequence. What this does is it eliminates the need for you to be doing physical follow-up all the time, when you have those processes in place,” says Rosenberg.

6 more areas to remember when building long-lasting relationships with families:

  • Teach your people to be accountable. If a mistake is made, make sure your team knows they can own the mistake, apologize to a family, learn from it, and move on.
  • Use conversations to educate. Don’t forget about the power of educating families as you continue to interact with them (before they come to you for your services). It’s a critical component in helping them make great decisions, but also can help you gain trust and show how you’re a resource for them to turn to. “The education is around, Why do you need a service? Why is it important? Why do you want to have closure? If people are considering one service over another, do they really understand that service? Or are they just focusing on price alone?” explains Rosenberg.
  • Be empathic. Whenever you have a chance, try to put yourself in the shoes of your families or your partners to know more about what they are experiencing. Being empathic is a key part of being able to listen and understand your families. If you are able to stay curious and suspend judgment, you’re well on your way towards being more empathic.
  • Be responsive. When a family is interested or wants to learn more, be sure to follow-up in a timely manner. Now more than ever families expect you to stay on top of everything that’s happening. If they reach out to your website, just how quickly do you get back in touch with them? How fast are you able to collect feedback from a family you’ve served? Invest in the tools that support your staff’s ability to be responsive.
  • Learn the art of asking questions. Since many families are relying on your support and your expertise, learn to ask open-ended questions that can assist you in helping them during a difficult period of time.
  • Start small. Remember the strongest client relationships are not built in a day. Don’t be overwhelmed; instead, start small in your community.

“The whole point is you have to authentically build the relationship authentically and helpfully. And you have to build the relationship in the way that the family or the client or the prospect wants that relationship to be built,” says Rosenberg.

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