The Top 10 Funeral Blogs You Should Be Following

Posted January 10, 2018

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Want to stay up-to-date with the latest information to help your firm thrive? There were many blogs to choose from, but we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite digital sources of information you should be following!

These blogs combine operational best practices, business strategy, inspiration, encouragement, and cutting-edge ideas and resources for you and your peers. Freshen up your email inbox offerings this year by subscribing to your favorites!

1. ASD

Some of you may recognize ASD as a CRäKN partner. ASD is a cost-effective and cutting edge answering service that we’ve integrated with. ASD has found their niche in our industry, and publishes a relevant, timely blog packed with great information, not to mention just the right amount of humor!

You can follow the ASD blog to learn best practices to follow, content around continuing education classes, conventions and conferences, communication tips, and relatable funeral articles and videos. Their featured blog posts from guest bloggers round out the assortment of themes perfectly. You can find the ASD blog here.

2. FuneralOne

FuneralOne, another company we’ve integrated with, really is “The New Way of Business”—connecting the dots between funeral innovation, technology and marketing. Their blog lives up to this standard by gathering the latest and greatest in all these categories as it relates to our profession.

A sampling of their blog posts include discussions on classes funeral professionals should take, e-commerce tips, website resources, solutions to funeral profession challenges, ways to connect with grieving families, how to use social media and online platforms to support your business, and thought-provoking comments sections (just to name a few). FuneralOne’s blog is a go-to resource when a question or problem arises and you want answers from like-minded people in our profession. Stay current with recent standards and technology in the field by following their blog.

3. Frazer Consultants

Another valuable CRäKN partner, Frazer Consultants combines creativity and strategy to support their clients and help them serve their communities in a meaningful, memorable, and eloquent way. They offer products and memorial features ranging from stationery to DVD tributes, and other solutions for funeral homes such as website design.

Frazer’s blog includes inspiration from recommended book lists, gives powerful website tips, offers suggestions for improving a home’s level of service, and it even has reminders for funeral director self-care. We enjoy reading the posts that talk about funeral traditions from around the world, as well as the poignant stories from individuals in their journey through grief. Subscribing to this blog will surely add some appeal and creativity to your inbox.

4. Alan Creedy

Alan Creedy really needs no introduction! As an active figure in our community for more than 35 years, you can see why he had to be a part of this list. His expertise spans across finance, mergers and acquisitions, exit planning, market strategy, and organizational dynamics. He has experience in funeral home and cemetery operation, preneed marketing, and is also a Certified Exit Planner and is accredited with both the Center for Creative Leadership and Human Synergistics.

To be able to pick his brain would be an opportunity for any funeral professional! Creedy’s blog offers a fantastic look into his vision, passion, and expertise. Follow for important community news, strategic advice, workplace suggestions, and practical, actionable solutions. One of the biggest reasons to follow Creedy: all his tips on how to work and operate smarter. Staying up to date with his discussions on the field is a no-brainer.

5. The Funeral Gal

Thacker’s passion is helping family owned and operated businesses succeed. As a third generation “Funeral Gal,” she is VP of Sales & Marketing for Thacker Caskets. (She work with funeral homes across 17 different states strategizing to help maximize their success.)

With her thought-provoking and relevant content, she gives candid, practical and timely advice to us all! She’s the voice of reason when we need it most. She is also very active on Facebook and Twitter, sharing funeral news and fueling discussion.

(It’s no wonder that one of our most popular blogs was with Thacker: an interview we did with her two years ago as we sat down and discussed how today’s family looks at making decisions.)

Follow her for a bit of self-examination and vision for your business.

6. Little Miss Funeral

Lauren LeRoy, also known as Little Miss Funeral, has a writing style that draws you in and keeps you coming back to read more. Her descriptive prose trickles across the page and pulls you fully into her little corner of the world: her day-to-day life as a director.

Her blog is a popular one, and dives into the daily emotions and vastly distinctive experiences of someone in our profession. She has diversity in her writing, with the ability to jump from light-hearted themes to deeper, more meaningful topics, adding in pictures and video posts to keep things interesting and relatable.

Without saying so, she explains perfectly the grit and perseverance needed to meet the challenges that come in this profession, while also seeming to endear the sweet rewards and importance of the role. And her unique ability to share her perspective, strength and insights into the inner workings of a funeral home makes her blog truly captivating. Adding this blog to your list will surely help round out your inbox.

7. Gail Rubin: A Good Goodbye

Gail Rubin, CT, The Doyenne of Death®, is truly one of a kind. We’ve spoken to her several times, and we understand why her books and speeches are so popular!

As the author of several popular books on end-of-life issues, Rubin is also the host of an award-winning TV/DVD series, A Good Goodbye, as well as an Internet radio program.

She has the unique ability to thoughtfully add humor to the topic of death without offending her audience, and in doing so, gives funeral professionals a model we can all follow when it comes to educating and informing families!

Her blog encourages a mindset shift from fear or worry about death to one of empowerment and preparation for death. In the end, Rubin gives excellent advice on how humor can be used and when it is appropriate, and how directors can add a more lighthearted approach to what we do.

Enjoy her straightforward likeability and humorous take on death planning here.

8. Order Of The Golden Rule

This blog lives up to the standards of its name. Members of the Golden Rule funeral home group go above and beyond to provide exceptional, personal, caring service. Order of the Golden Rule website is dedicated to resources, education, and help in supporting funeral homes in their quest for excellence and goodness.

Discussions on the OGR blog cover all things generous, candid and respectful about operations in the funeral profession. Be inspired to push harder, be better, and serve at a higher level with their business practice tips, industry insights and thoughtful customer service suggestions.

Subscribe to the OGR blog if you’re ready to dig deeper into your company and find the motivation to connect further to your customers while also bringing a higher level of service and satisfaction to those grieving in your community.

9. The Order Of The Good Death

The Order of the Good Death is part of the death positive movement that’s spearheaded by mortician Caitlin Doughty. (Her goal is to encourage our culture to “die better”, since death is, after all, a part of life: we need not have anxiety and terror surrounding the concept.)

The blog challenges current societal stigmas and negative associations with death and funerals, encouraging the reader to discuss, innovate, participate, and think more positively about death and funeral topics, ideas, planning, as well as current events surrounding funerals and dying. It’s a read that can be beneficial to both directors and your families.

Check out this blog to continue to connect positively with what you do each day.

10. The Funeral Commander, Jeff Harbeson

Jeff Harbeson is a retired military Captain who started his funeral service career as a Sales Representative for Batesville Casket Company. He’s one of the Founders of the Family Choice Funerals & Cremations is now the founder of The Harbeson Group.

His breadth and depth of experience gives him the insight and experience for his enlightening blog, The Funeral Commander. His specialty lies in consulting, training, systems and procedures for smoothly operating funeral homes. (You may recall this interview with him on our blog where we talked about implementing change in a funeral home.)

Harbeson’s blog is a reflection of his tag line: “A vision is only a dream without execution.” He knows that follow-through and implementation of strategy is the most important part of any plan or idea.

His blog is a perfect mix of inspiration, accountability, and tough love, full of video clips, tips, and instruction for helping a funeral home or funeral business run stronger, smarter, and better—now and in the future. Follow this blog for that “Boot Camp” style motivation you may crave.

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