Top Ways to Optimize Your Funeral Home Website Right Now

Posted May 27, 2020

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Your website has always been important for your business, but right now, it’s absolutely critical. Lacking the opportunity to interact personally with your client families and their friends, you need a trusted advocate. Make your website stand up and speak on your behalf.

Consider this checklist as a way to represent yourself and your firm in your new normal.

1. You have an up-to-date description of the safety precautions you’re taking

If you haven’t already addressed COVID-19 on your website in a clear way, it’s worth taking the time to mention how you’re handling the safety and health of families and your staff.

Don’t assume that just because you are explaining details to families over the phone that they’ll recall everything you told them. Also remember that many families will see your website before ever calling you, so you want to be sensitive to their state of mind.

At minimum, make sure you are including information on:

  • The safety precautions you’re taking for staff
  • The safety protocols you are following for families
  • Exactly how appointment-only meetings will take place, if that’s relevant to your business
  • Updates on how local and state regulations in your area are impacting funeral services and your business operations

2. You have a digital funeral home guestbook (or similar)

Even if you are able to offer funeral services right now with a growing number of people present, know that many people may still be uncomfortable with attending services in-person. That means you want to continue to point people towards digital ways of grieving and digital ways of comforting those who have lost a loved one.

3. You continue to make it known that flowers are available to send to families

Flowers can be extremely thoughtful and meaningful way to express yourself to those who are grieving. You are likely already featuring flowers on your website, but make sure a link is included on every obituary.

The ability to send flowers right now is so important for those visiting your website, especially for those who aren’t able to comfort each other in person, as they normally would.

4. You’ve secured your website with HTTPS & SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In simple terms, it’s the technology used to safeguard data that is shared when someone browses the internet. SSL provides a number of important internet browsing security benefits. It’s one essential step to make sure you’re doing your best to safeguard the data that can be exchanged between a web server and a browser.

Think about anytime you enter information a site and hit “submit.” SSL helps to keep that data protected, so it can’t easily be intercepted. Combined with HTTPS, you then have a more secure communication over a computer network. Think of it like a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. It means your data and information is safe and secure.

5. You’ve added to your grief resources library

One of the most heartbreaking aspects of the coronavirus has been the distance and aloneness in which people have died. Not being surrounded by loved ones and not being able to say goodbye personally, is traumatic for many families.

As a result, update your grief resources library with new content that can help families of COVID-19 victims cope and grieve. If you don’t have those resources, at least make sure your grief support is prominent on your website. If not, consider redesigning or changing your layout to be sure that families, when ready, can access your digital grief resources.

6. You’ve displayed alternative ways of making meaningful connections in our current climate

Many people are aware it is appropriate to send flowers (now and always), but make sure you provide examples of other, alternative ways people can make meaningful connections and express sympathy right now. Remember they may not know all the options available to them.

That might include leaving a message on a tribute wall or recommending they write a sympathy card, citing examples of how you can make a memorial contribution to the person’s charity of choice, or other ways you are helping families connect and support each other.

7. You share your firm’s uniqueness

Be sure you take the time to share your firm’s history and key information about your colleagues and your leadership. Share your mission and vision as a funeral home. Explain your historic place in the community. Update your “About Us” page.

People will select your firm not just for what you do (your services), but also because of your why you do it (your mission). Make sure whatever makes you unique is clearly communicated.

Treat your website like it is a portal of information to help educate and console friends and families. Guide and encourage them to send condolences and support. Advise them about what they can do or say right now.

The goal is to help friends and families make informed, confident decisions, despite all the uncertainty they may feel.

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