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Posted May 12, 2021

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If you would’ve asked Becky, a Funeral Director in Michigan, about using a web-based funeral home management tool six months ago, she would have told you how she was opposed to the idea because it might mean more time in front of a computer.

After all, Becky—much like her colleagues—didn’t get into funeral service to stare at a computer screen all day.

But fast forward to today, and Becky is an advocate of CRäKN, a funeral home management tool her firm has adopted and fully embraced.

The shift in mindset is because, despite being a web-based tool, CRäKN doesn’t mean more time in front of the computer.

Rather, it means less time with data entry and more time each day for Becky to focus on what she enjoys about the profession.

“We got into funeral service to work with families and to be in our communities. CRäKN is another tool to add to your toolbox to reduce redundancies and allow you to do more of what you wanted to do as a Funeral Director,” she explains.

“At the end of the day, you do have to use a computer and get things done, but CRäKN actually gives us more time doing the things we find most enjoyable—such as close interactions and better communication with families.”

From Flip Phone to Smartphone

Remember flip phones? Becky says the transition from paper and physical files to using CRäKN has been a transition similar from going from a flip phone to a smartphone. She explains how you don’t necessarily know all of what you’re missing until you make the switch.

“You may think to yourself, ‘I don’t know if I need all of this. This might be beyond me too much.’ And then you start using it,” she says.

The result has been a massive reduction in the amount of time spent on routine, redundant data entry and paperwork, but it’s also transformed her team’s ability to communicate with one another in real-time. The team enjoys how everything can be real-time, unified, and streamlined. “The instantaneous nature of everything is mind boggling to us and it keeps communication open and up-to-speed all the time,” she says.

“It has also improved our time management. Being able to speak with the team on different levels is also important. For example: it’s not important for me to bug you right now on your lunch break, but here’s this message when you log back in to CRäKN for you to be aware of. And you don’t miss anything with CRäKN—no sticky note to fall off your computer screen and fall into the abyss. It’s all right there in CRäKN!”

What About Those Hesitant About Change?

For those still hesitant about adopting a new technology, Becky says she’s learned that the technology really can drive better connectivity in the Funeral Home, and it helps to support a better way to serve families. That’s the important thing for anyone to understand who may be reluctant to take on a new tool.

“CRäKN is a team toolbox. It’s a really good functional tool. You can be connected all the time, and when it’s your weekend off, you can get that valuable time off. For those that want to, you can still peruse and see what’s going on without bugging anybody—you don’t have to call anyone. It’s just a good way to be connected to your coworkers, and to all the cases that we’re going through,” she says.

“Change is really good. And you just have to jump in and do it,” she says, looking back at how her firm embraced the change. “We even had more than a whiteboard in the past—we had a day book, or our Bible. If anything was to be done, it was all in there. And so that is now digital, thanks to CRäKN,” says Becky. “Everyone else is going virtual and digital, and it’s time for funeral service to do the same thing.”

Improving How You Serve Families

Becky’s firm has always put families first, and that’s never been more emphasized than it is today. “We’ve always trained with the mindset of: you’re doing this service for the closest person in your family—your spouse, your parent, whomever, and if you wouldn’t accept something for that person, you’re not to do it for another family.”

In short, the firm’s approach is about treating every service just like you would for your own family and loved ones. That philosophy and approach has never wavered since the firm was founded, and it’s never been more evident than it is today.

CRäKN is Technology Built for A ‘People Person’

CRäKN was intentionally designed for the Funeral Director who sees themselves as a “people person” rather than a “technology person.”

“Like my colleagues, I am a ‘people person’ and CRäKN gives us that freedom to spend more time with people. It’s eye-opening how much freedom we didn’t have before this. We were chained to one program, and it was only at the office and it was cumbersome and not mobile,” says Becky.

With that in mind, CRäKN can save you at least 3 hours for every case—meaning you get to spend more time in a relationship-building role within your community.

Want to learn more? Visit our website to learn more about CRäKN’s all-in-one funeral home management tools today.

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