Why This CRäKN Team Member Is Passionate About Improving the Lives of Deathcare Professionals

Posted March 20, 2019

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“CRäKN gives funeral directors back time in their day to spend doing the things that make a difference to families they serve,” says Corey Tullier, a Key Account Representative with CRäKN. “And because I feel like there are endless possibilities with CRäKN, it makes me feel like I’m helping to improve the lives of funeral directors and deathcare professionals throughout the United States in this role,” he adds.

Corey shared these thoughts when we sat down with him as a part of our “Get to Know the CRäKN Team” blog series where we highlight our team members.

Corey has held numerous leadership positions in funeral service in his career that spans more than two decades—with experience at Service Corporation International, as a funeral director and embalmer, and as a general manager and market manager for family-owned funeral homes. He also has a breadth and depth of experience in funeral operations and pre-need sales.

Keep reading to learn the surprising story of how he ended up as a funeral director and the two mantras he lives and works by.

Q: What’s your background before joining the CRäKN team?

After graduating high school, I had no clue what I was going to do with my life. What I did know was that I had just spent the last 12 years preparing for college. It seemed everyone graduating from high school in 1994 was enrolling at Southeastern University in Louisiana for nursing.

So I thought to myself, “Why not?” I spent three years completing my undergraduate studies to be placed on a two-year clinical waiting list. At that point, I thought, “What would I spend the next two years doing while waiting?”

Why not Bible College. I attended World Evangelism Bible College and earned an Associate Degree in Theology.

During my last semester in Bible College, my family was stricken with the deaths of my two grandparents and two aunts. These deaths and the experiences I encountered through making the arrangements and the funeral processes started a newfound fascination with the death care industry. Knowing my Bible College curriculum would soon be completed, I began seeking out job opportunities at local funeral homes.

My first interview was with Gerald Mussachia at Greenoaks Memorial Park and Funeral Home in Baton Rouge. At the conclusion of the interview, Gerald told me that he did not have any part time position available, but that Welsh Funeral Home in Gonzales was hiring.

I met with Willie Wible later the same day and was offered a position starting immediately. After working a week for Willie, I applied to Delgado Community College in New Orleans to pursue a degree in Mortuary Science.

The day I received my acceptance letter in the mail from Delgado was the same day I received a letter from Southeastern University informing me I was now accepted into the clinical portion of my nursing curriculum. As you may have guessed, I chose Mortuary Science over Nursing!

Q: What mantra do you live and work by?

I actually have two:

Lead, Follow, or GET OUT OF MY WAY!

I know everyone is not born a leader. We all have special gifts and talents. I have no problem following a leader who is clear, passionate, bold, and doesn’t hesitate to commit, all the while having a sense of humility and compassion.

Life is truly about balance. On the other side of the coin, if there is a lack of leadership, I will likely work my way to the leader’s position and take control of the sinking ship.

Let me SLEEP on it!

I have learned many valuable lessons throughout the years. The greatest lessons I have learned are to not act too quickly when making important decisions. From hiring to terminating employment, I have learned a good night’s sleep helps to clear the mind and provides time to weigh all options. I apply this mantra to both my personal and professional life.

Q: What’s one thing you enjoy about your work right now?

I enjoy the opportunity to educate funeral professionals on the advantages of CRäKN. I have the privilege to meet new and exciting people each day and relate through past experiences as a funeral director and embalmer. I relate and empathize with the day-to-day operations of a funeral home, crematorium, and cemetery.

Q: Beyond what you’ve already shared, what’s something that might surprise CRäKN clients to learn about you?

I am an avid fan of Halloween. In July of 2010, I was one of three founding members of the 10/31 Consortium, a Baton Rouge based 501 c3 non-profit with a charity model. The Baton Rouge Halloween Parade serves as an awareness and fundraiser for the charity of 10/31 Consortium.

I have served as King III and King VI reigning over Halloween festivities in Baton Rouge. In 2013, I was honored as the first recipient of The Corey Tullier Courage Award. The award is intended to honor those in the Greater Baton Rouge area who live a life with courage of conviction and inspire courage in others by boldly facing adversity.

Q: Last question: Earlier you talked about the “endless opportunities” you see with CRäKN. What else are you looking forward to in the coming months at CRäKN?

CRäKN has truly brought the funeral industry out of the dark ages with technology, vision, and innovation. I am excited to see how each update continues to support funeral directors and deathcare professionals to do their best work.

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