CRäKN Products

Save at least an hour per case

CRäKN is a new tool that provides everything you need to centralize your information and manage day-to-day activities in order to streamline your operations, prevent errors, and save time.

With CRäKN, you can enter information once, but use in multiple ways, stay on top of what's happening in your firm, manage everything, from anywhere. The ball is never dropped and compliance is made easy. CRäKN has "cracked the code" on providing relevant information at your fingertips. Find out more about how CRäKN can save you substantial time and help optimize your resources: request a demo today.

Choose Vox to track contacts, send notifications, view a centralized whiteboard, and request feedback from families.

Upgrade to Solvo to make the arrangement even easier with the digital GPL, One-Click Statement of Funeral Goods & Services, and accounts receivable tracking.

You have enough work to do, let us show you how CRäKN can help.