Not only does Solvo include all the benefits of Vox (track contacts, send notifications, centralized whiteboard, ability to track and analyze customer satisfaction), it allows you to do so much more.

Use Solvo for Digital GPL, One-Click Statement of Funeral Goods & Services, and accounts receivable tracking.

Automatically Populate Forms

Auto-populate Forms

Are you tired of entering the same information multiple times? We agree. That’s why we built Solvo. Solvo eliminates that need. Once you enter the case information into the system, Solvo will automatically populate any forms that you need.

Digital GPL & Order Entry

Selecting Products

Making sure that you are in compliance has never been easier. Once you enter your products & services, Solvo ensures transparency and consistency. No need to enter information multiple times in multiple places.

One-Click Statement of Funeral Goods & Services

View Statement

No more filling out handwritten forms in front of the family and then excusing yourself to type them up later. Solvo handles that for you. As the family makes their selections, with a simple point & click you can generate the Statement of Funeral Goods & Services - ready to print for approval. It’s all done for you. Poof! It’s like magic.

Integration Into Your Accounting System

Recording Payments

Solvo makes accounting as easy as 1, 2, 3. Case information, selections, and payments can be automatically uploaded for easy recording and tracking. See a theme? Enter information once, use in multiple ways. Saving an hour per case seems pretty conservative now doesn’t it?

You have enough work to do, let us show you how CRäKN can help.