Track contacts, send notifications, view a centralized whiteboard and request feedback from families.

Add Convenience to Your Life

Viewing the Whiteboard

The digital whiteboard helps you stay abreast of what’s going on while you are at home enjoying your dinner. Whether you have one location or many, Vox allows you to view your whiteboard from anywhere on any device. See all cases at once or drill down to get details on a particular case. And better yet, cases are flagged when details are pending, so you never miss a beat.

Be More Informed

Adding Contacts

Do you often get calls from individuals asking for information? Do you know who spoke to them and about what? Did you record the interaction so that when they come in, you can better serve them? Many times this is a pain point that seems as if there is no solution. Solve this challenge with Vox.

Easily record your contacts & interactions whether with someone asking about pre-need or even the contractor that just quoted you a price to fix that porch step. You’ll now be more informed when you speak to them again – in two weeks or two years. Don’t worry...Vox can integrate with your call answering service too.

Manage Cases

Managing Cases

Keep all of your case information at your fingertips. Easily search and find history, relationships to other cases, the funeral director & staff who served the family, even what flowers they ordered. Information is so easy to find that when answering the phone, you can see if they or other family members have been served in the past, so you can have a more personal conversation.

Prevent Errors & Duplicate Work

Sending Notifications

We know you don’t have 8 arms & legs, but often feel like you need them with all of the coordination and scheduling you need to do when serving families. Vox can’t physically give you 8 arms & legs (and you’d look funny that way anyhow) but it can make you feel like you have them. Vox can automatically notify staff & vendors when a service is planned so that they know what to do and where to be. No more trying to remember if you told the florist about the roses that you need on Saturday at 10 AM.

Know What Families Think More Quickly

Family Feedback

Many funeral homes are already collecting feedback from families served. What if you could click on a button when closing a case and have a survey sent - on your timeline and for no additional cost? In addition, since we know customer experience is one of your top priorities, Vox ensures you are notified immediately via text or email if the ratings are not satisfactory.

You have enough work to do, let us show you how CRäKN can help.